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Reiki Music – healing multiple planes – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

Reiki Music – healing multiple planes – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual

REIKI translates as ‘Universal Spirit of Life’ – the energy that is continuously flowing through and around every living thing.

It is a gentle energy healing modality that is usually done by placing the hands in a series of positions over or slightly above the body. Reiki promotes healing by activating the relaxation response and helping to accelerate the bodies natural ability to heal itself.

Similar to recharging a battery, Reiki is the channeling of high-vibrational energy into you aura, chakras and meridians.

Reiki is is a natural tool that can be used to help us cope with the stresses of every day life, and works on all aspects of a person by bringing the mind, body and spirit back into beautiful alignment. Reiki works on all planes – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

It has been proven that receiving Reiki affects brain waves by transforming consciousness in the same way that meditation does – the breath deepens, stress levels in the body drop, oxygenated blood flows more freely, aiding in the detoxification of the body + mind.

When you receive a Reiki healing, you are being brought back into a state of harmony with the universe. Its calming effect will leave you feeling lighter, happier and connected. Reiki is a wonderful tool to use alongside modern medicine and other therapies, as it supports the physical body during the healing process.

We’re devoted to grow a place where you can return whenever you need to relax and heal.

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Reiki music

Our Reiki music playlist was composed to intensify your Reiki sessions, promoting healing relaxation and a sense of peace. This playlist contains Reiki Healing Music (for emotional, physical and spiritual healing) and Healing Meditation Tracks.
Sometimes we mix healing frequencies like the 528hz, the 432hz, and others, with the music to promote healing.

NEW RELEASES by NuMeditationMusic

Enjoy our new releases of, Sleep Music, Healing Music and Relaxing Music from different cultures.
We upload twice a week (Monday and Wednesday) a great collection of Reiki Music, Chakra Meditations, long Deep sleep music videos, and relaxing music from different cultures such as Native American Flute and Indian Flute music.

MOST POPULAR by NuMeditationMusic videos:

Our most popular video (Indian Background Flute Music) is one of the most viewed meditation music videos ever!
If this is your first time visiting our channel, you can start by watching this selection of videos.


A selection of our best sleep music, some videos have visuals, some have a black screen. Sometimes we mix healing frequencies like the 528hz, the 432hz, and others, with the music for healing benefits. Sleep waves music may also be found on this playlist, look for the title and choose what you enjoy the most.

Chakra Meditations

A selection of our best Chakra Meditations for Balancing and Healing: Videos for the 7 Chakras and for each Chakra (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third eye and Crown). Aura cleansing meditations and long sleep Chakra videos.


Our best mix of beautiful Relaxing music with amazing nature footage: Piano Music, Guitar Music, Flute music etc. Sometimes we mix the music with relaxing nature sounds, like the sound of rain, gentle thunder, birds chirping, streams and ocean sounds.
These ambient backgrounds are perfect for meditation, practice of Yoga, Study and whenever you need to relax! Sometimes we mix healing frequencies like the 528hz, the 432hz, and others, with the music for healing benefits.

Relaxing music by instrument

Indian Flute

Native American Flute

Every Flute Music





A selection of our best meditation tracks, music influenced by different cultures, religions and schools of thought. The sound of instruments and chants with thousands of years, like the Indian flute and buddhist chants, that carry the essence and roots of meditation.

Meditation Music from different Cultures




Far East

Middle east


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Many people often
misunderstand the Reiki or healing with energy. In this article we will be
looking into 5 common myths about Reiki and how you can align yourself with the
highest degree of healing.

1) Reiki Healing is a Cult or
a Religion


This is completely wrong.
Reiki is all about spirituality; there is nothing religious about it. There
isn’t any Reiki church or a priest who gives sermons on it. The foundation of
Reiki lies in its principles that have been laid out for its practicing
students. These principles are not at all connected to religion but rather come
from a Japanese Emperor. The ability to heal totally corresponds to the ethical
code. Although Reiki principles aren’t usually communicated with the person
receiving it, they might be in some cases. This communication fully revolves
around the well being of the recipient.


2) The Reiki Practitioner
Heals the Recipient.


No, not really. This can be
explained easily, a person practicing Reiki is the one who pours Reiki energy
or universal force of life onto the person receiving it so that they are able
to heal their mind, body and spirit. The Reiki healing energy is passed on
through the practicing individual and is passed on to the recipient. Here, the
Reiki practitioner happens to be only a medium for the healing process. No one
has the ability to heal you but yourself. The whole task of healing cannot be
designated to someone else.


3) Reiki is a One Time
Healing Procedure.


It would be very helpful if
this were true. Although there are times that recipients get healed and cured
with one short healing session. However, chances of that happening are very
rare. Healing isn’t a one-time thing; it’s holistic, a process, and a path that
you need to walk on to see results. To get worthwhile results and experience
real changes, Reiki recipients are usually recommended to go through at least 3
to 4 sessions. Typically what clients do is they go through a few sessions, get
a break, and come back again in a few months. However be the approach to the
problem, the point remains the same, that healing is an ongoing process.


4) A Reiki Treatment Deserves
to Be Free


Reiki is universal, it’s a
divine art and complete life force energy – thus it should be free. However, it
cannot be provided free of cost unless and until the practitioner himself
offers it as a gift or for some charity purposes. When you are paying to a
Reiki practitioner he should be completely prepared to offer the treatment. He
must be eligible and have the skill and the ability to direct the Reiki energy
for the purpose of your healing. In short, he must put in all the effort
required to be a professional, well-equipped service provider. This is the
reason why you should be paying for Reiki, just the way you pay for any other
health service or surgery.


5) Healing Means Getting


Curing may be a part of the
healing procedure. However, if you do get healed, it does not necessarily mean
you’re cured. Healing is different than curing, in fact they are opposite in
their approach towards wellness. Curing works by working on getting rid of the
symptoms of the health condition and its physical causes, whereas healing
directly attacks the main cause of the health problem. Reiki healing is all
about spiritual, emotional and mental re-balancing and unblocking. It works on
dissolving the root cause of the conditionBusiness Management Articles, which leads to alleviating the
symptoms as on the whole.

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