Step By Step Treadmill Dog Training

Teach your dog to walk on a treadmill in 10 quick sessions. Ryan Gwilliam of Dog training, dog walking, pet sitting & poop scooping for Salt Lake City & Las Vegas. source

Cancer Detection Dogs Training

One year old mixed beagle/hounds Buster, Indie and Romeo are performing their twice daily cancer detection training which is how they are fed. Breath Samples Urgently Need. Research has shown that dogs can be trained to detect the odor of cancer in exhaled breath earlier and more accurately than any other method. is currently
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Stop pulling and "Yo-yoing"- clicker dog training

Visit our website: Buy our new ebook: Become a fan on facebook: SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! We appreciate it: This video goes over the long awaited answer to “How do I stop my dog acting like a yo-yo on a walk?” dog training “Dog training” “Clicker training”
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Dog Training Tips: Come When Called!

A simple exercise to teach our dogs that environmental distractions are not a cue that it’s time to disconnect from us. The emphasis is on non-verbal communication and creating circumstances where the dog will be much more likely to come when they are called. Work on this one gradually and in conjunction with more ‘formal’
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PTSD Psychiatric Service Dog: Trained Tasks Demonstration

This is a short demo of what my psychiatric service dog, Kayenne, does for me. She’s for my diagnosed PTSD, and has been training for about a year and 4 months. She’s near the end of her training and already qualifies as a fully-trained service dog under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act.) For those
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