How to teach ANY dog to Come when called!

This is one of the most crucial commands that every dog should know. Dogs that are reliable off-leash get to have more freedom, fun and exercise. They secret to teaching this is to always set your dog up for success and then reward them for succeeding. Follow these few tips to get started. If you
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How to teach ANY dog the perfect STAY! (part 1)

This is the most important thing that a dog should know. In this video I will show you the fundamentals of how to begin to teach this. It is by no means entirely conclusive to the training that is involved in teaching stay. The final step is to proof STAY around distractions, which I will
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Dog Training Tips: Come When Called!

A simple exercise to teach our dogs that environmental distractions are not a cue that it’s time to disconnect from us. The emphasis is on non-verbal communication and creating circumstances where the dog will be much more likely to come when they are called. Work on this one gradually and in conjunction with more ‘formal’
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Crate Training- Part 1- Clicker dog Training

This video is on the basic steps of training your dog to go in his crate. Stay tuned for part two coming shortly. For more free videos check out my website: Visit our website: Buy our new ebook: Become a fan on facebook: SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!
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How to use 'TUG' as a reward in dog training!

A game of tug is one of many rewards that can be used when training a dog. It’s also good to use with dogs that aren’t very food-motivated. It is best to play tug for short periods of time. Three 5 minutes sessions will be better than one 15 minute session. To maintain a high
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RCMP Dog Training Centre -- Innisfail Alberta

The RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre was established at Innisfail, Alberta, in 1965. The German shepherd breed displays the versatility, strength, courage, even temperament, hunting instinct and sound character that make it eminently suitable for police work. Demonstrations are open to the public. source

Dog Training Tutorial: Off-Leash Exercise (Send-Off)

A big part of teaching a dog to be reliable off the leash is about engaging them in a variety of games and exercises around distractions. Today’s video demonstrates another one of the many exercises that I often use. This particular cue can be used to actually teach a dog a lot of different things,
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