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Motivation | How to fix leash reactivity | Solid K9 Training Dog Training

How to fix leash reactivity. What you are being told by PP trainers is wrong and does not work Jeff Gellman Solid K9 Training 401-274-1078 *********FOLLOW ME********** • Solid K9 Training • RV Dog Trainer • • Facebook • Twitter @SolidK9Training • Instagram SolidK9Training • Youtube • Periscope @SolidK9Training Don’t forget
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Dog Jumping, How To Dog Training

Stopping a dog from jumping is a 2 second process and is a life saver for dogs. Lots of dogs are surrendered and killed because they jump. There has to be an aversive/punishment at the exact moment the dog jumps in order for the dog to stop this unwanted behavior. Just training a dog to
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The Best Damn Dog Training | SHAPING w/ A CHAIR

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