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You can't reinforce fear- dog training

Here is Patricia Mcconnell’s article- You Can’t Reinforce Fear: Dogs and Thunderstorms “dog training” “clicker training” reinforce fear dog training reinforcing fear anxiety stress petting your dog can dog trainer professional tips myth busting how to train a dog picking your dog up petting your dog will not reinforce fear Thank you for watching!
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Create calm markers! A tip from my dog training seminar

My lovely mentor Kyle Rayon, taught me to use calm markers. I not only like to work on behavior modification but also activities with dogs that are very arousing- Canine Freestyle for example. Because I also love to train my dogs to be calm and relaxed in social environments, I found that by choosing my
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Stop pulling and "Yo-yoing"- clicker dog training

Visit our website: Buy our new ebook: Become a fan on facebook: SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! We appreciate it: This video goes over the long awaited answer to “How do I stop my dog acting like a yo-yo on a walk?” dog training “Dog training” “Clicker training”
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"Positive" Dog Training sgda

For my blog A look at the what is possible when you train a dog without physical or verbal corrections. Wouldn’t it be nice of all dogs could know this kind of joy in training? source

Heelwork Foundations: Clicker Dog Training Ok, here it is. So many of you have been asking for this. This is just one episode of the few episodes that are on my Loose Leash Walking DVD that I sell on my website. On the DVD I also go over how to get eye contact as you heel as well as
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