Dog training and tricks – 1 yr Samoyed

A quick video of Arya our 1yr old Samoyed showing of the training and tricks she’s learned so far!

Little does she know she’s a future boat dog. Soon we’re going to start introducing her to sailing.

She’s home taught and never been to an official trainer and we use positive reinforcement training with small treats.

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  1. She is so smart & adorable!! How long did it take you to train her? You guys did a fantastic job! Oh, how did you come up with her name? We have "AYA" as a girl's name in Japan!^_^ I wish I could have a pet but pets are not allowed in my place. I live in a co-op. We had a beautiful, smart & funny Maltese puppy but she passed away at age 14…. I still miss her after all these years. Animals are incredibly loving & bring us so much joy. I hope to see your puppy more in your video!^_^

  2. She's just gorgeous, looks like a huge cloud of joy!j. she looks otherworldly cute when she high fives or shakes hands.. Damn! <3 I found myself smiling throughout the video.
    Thanks for this video guys. I wish you guys upload more of Arya! <3

  3. I love samoyeds, my dad say we maybe can get one. My mom is traveling so i will ask her when she comes back. But the problem is that my dad is allergic against dogs. But i haw read that this dog breed is allergic free, so please like so i can get one

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