Daryl “Dogman” Young has been dog training for over forty-six years. Not only does his experience qualify him as a Master Dog Trainer, but his accomplishments in the French Ring do as well. Too make things a bit tougher Dogman typically works with breeds not intended to compete in French Ring. He works with Doberman Pinscher, American Pit Bull Terriers, Cane Corso, Patterdale Terrier, and even Labrador Retrievers. He has travel all over the world including France, Belgium, Holland, and Singapore looking for the best competition.


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  1. Can you please do a video on ear chopping explaining it's benefit? I will be getting my first dog in a few weeks and she will be an American bully. I am torn between getting ears done or Not? I been watching your videos for sometime and I trust your advise. Please HELP.

  2. Any high prey lab, various hunting and terrier breeds, heck border collies, Patterdale terrier, Australian cattle dogs all have done ringsport and IPO. They can because there is no harsh civil pressure by the decoy. It's simply a fun intense prey driven game for these "off breeds". The above breeds do not unleash violent hell on a sport decoy. Not what the sport judges want to see.

    In real life what do you want protecting you a high prey sport lab that has a ring 1 or a non sport civil malinois? Exactly lol. Likewise a mostly prey but not civil mal can do awesome bird trials etc.
    obviously there are different specimen type within each breed. Hard, civil, clearheaded, focused, high self control type is best for protection/police/military JMHO. Great video nonetheless. Keep up the great training!

  3. I find it really odd that a dog sport wouldn't allow a certain breed to compete. I know Dutch, German, and Belgian Shepherds are basically the poster pups for that sport, but to exclude a breed seems really weird to me.

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