Train your Dog to be OFF LEASH: The First Steps

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I’ll show the steps you need to take to teach your dog to listen to you while off leash! Enjoy!
Videos I reference in this video:
Teach the “Surprise Stay”:

How to teach your dog to Stop Stealing:

How to get your dog to stop ignoring you:


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  1. I wouldn’t have a harness on a dog like Jacob. He’s gunna have such a powerful chest that if he wants to chase something while on lead if you don’t have those commands down he is gunna pull like a motherfucker. No hate just my opinion. I keep a slip lead on my staff Thor it seems easier to get the message across when he wants to pull

  2. Hey Zak I have a situation and some tips!
    Tips- Maybe used a un trained dog for your videos so it brings out more realistic.These dogs are more than average and better for training maybe use a untrained shelter dog for a day!:)

    Situation-We got my dog from a shelter,he leash pulls.We really want him to be off leash and stop pulling.Treats don't always work.We try in are backyard for training leash pulling and on a walk but even on our backyard he pulls!I watched your videos,use a untrained dog so I know exactly what to do..

  3. Hi Zak, your videos are starting to give me a little bit of hope that our 2 year old Belgian Shepherd can be trained a bit. We got her (Nala) over a month back from an animal shelter and she was there for a year. She loves people but is extremely dog reactive. She barks loud and tirelessly at other dogs from our backyard and from our home windows. It is almost impossible for us to take her for walks as she pulls and pulls and none of us (even our very muscular son) has the strength to keep her from pulling. I have fallen at least twice on the road due to her pulling. Now we have snow outside for next 6 months which makes outdoors very slippery and thus almost impossible to walk her. We gather some courage every other day to walk her. She is a super active dog and needs a lot of exercise. I feel very guilty that I can't give her that exercise. A sight of another dog from even a mile away makes her pull even more. I want to be able to walk her but am rarely able to. I play fetch and tug with her at least thrice a day. She fetches but doesn't give the toy. So I have to trick her into giving me the toy or sometimes I just play tug when she doesn't give the toy. She listens to "come" and "sit" and leave it indoors as long as she is not distracted. The reason your videos give me hope is because you bring other people's dogs who need training rather than bringing your own dogs who are super well behaved. The dog trainer I have contacted seems totally unwilling to train our Nala. Any idea, how I should begin? I tried putting Nala on a leash and tried to train her in our back yard where there is less distraction. But she literally pulled the leash from my hand as she didn't want to be on a leash in the backyard. Please advise. I am in desperate need to train her. I wonder if it is a good idea to send her to a daycare. Thank you for taking time to read this.

  4. I got a 11 month old pitbull and he is very hyper. He is great with my niece that's 2-3 now. He has understood she is to be treated very different than he is with adults. They entertain each other and protect the other so nsturally. He had me worried because I had him from about 6 weeks to 6 months before she had ever even seen him. He is always so rambunctious it terrifies any stranger. But he just thinks it's time to play.
    I traveled for work all over America and gone for 2-3 weeks at a time very very often. I gave up a $1570.00 per week salary as a General Manager of a Sales Company in the wester states so I could be with him full time. long story short, I now own my own company and he is the greatest companion I could ask for. I want to be a better Trainer as this is still my first dog.

  5. Do you have any videos about how to teach a dog about personal space? My pup likes to jump on other dogs and tries to play with them even though they warn him that they don't want to play… Which could get him hurt in the future…
    Is there any way to teach him how to leave dogs alone with them warning and teaching him not to jump on any dog he sees?

  6. i have a terrier chihuahua and live in a busy town on a main road in an upstairs apartment. We have to walk up some outside stairs to our porch/front door and she is fine sitting on the porch next to me without a leash but i am always scared she will find something interesting and dart for the parking lot.
    i would love to take her to the park with my boyfriend and his son and have her off the leash because she likes to play with him at the park, but she runs off some times if we are not entertaining enough, or when she sees anyone new because she thinks everyone is her friend.

    so my main issue is we dont have a fenced in yard or anywhere to even practice getting her to stay near us with her off the lead. any suggestions? she is well mannered but gets excited.

  7. You know you inspire the wrong idea to have your dog off the leash anywhere but your own home/property yet here you are trying to train a dog to be something it can't help that is coming up to my dog or other service assistant dog alike my dog faced many wounds over this matter so please don't hesitate to remind ppl to follow the law in the USA California or any state of government that requires you to leash the dog

  8. Wow stumbled upon your video by accident and so glad as I struggle with my adopted Jack Russell for some reason his better without the leash on walks but as soon as his on leash he wants to attack other dogs and has done so ..please does anyone have advise for me ..I don't want to give up on him like his previous owner..I'm going to train him on your surprise stay ..

  9. I haven't taken my dog off the leash at all because I'm afraid he might run away. I have had him for about a year or so. I usually take him in the backyard in the morning and at night but I always have to put him on a lead. Any tips on how to trust your dog off the leash?

  10. I dont understand why people hate on you becouse you promote in every video. You have to live out os something and pay the people behind the camera to make those great videos. I really love the by the way XD

  11. This video always kinda destroys any confidence in my ability to train my dog. Alot of the time the training he explains in his book and in his videos, I understand well. In this video, I get worried that if my dog, even if he was trained in different locations on leash, the second he would get off, I imagine it's be hard to get him back. How can I make sure that I can keep my dog to want to stay around me, rather than try and catch his attention before he runs off

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