How to Use the Mirror Method of Dog Training

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If a well-behaved, quiet, and confident canine is what you desire, follow these steps to achieve just that.

Step 1: Understand the Mirror Method
Understand the philosophy behind the Mirror Method. The Mirror Method techniques rely on the understanding that your dog’s emotions and behaviors mirror yours. You must include your dog in every aspect of your life.

Step 2: Establish order
Establish the proper ranking order — you are the leader and the dog is the follower. Never use force with your dog to establish the respect needed to make and enforce rules.

Remind your dog often that you are the leader.

Step 3: Teach with a clicker
Teach your dog commands and tricks with a clicker. Only use positive reinforcement. Without physical abuse, your dog will be motivated to learn.

Step 4: Ensure the dog lives like a dog
Ensure your dog lives like a dog. Give the dog plenty of opportunity to live out their natural dog instincts, such as hunting, swimming, and working. Play games with your dog that emulate these activities — daily walks do not count.

Failure to devote enough time to your dog’s natural instincts will result in your dog developing behavioral issues.

Step 5: Socialize
Socialize your dog with other dogs on a daily basis. Take time to introduce your dog to other dogs, and take advantage of opportunities for dogs to play together, if it’s feasible.

Step 6: Study your behavior
Study your behavior. If your dog is getting out of line, chances are it is your own behavior that is triggering the upset. Remember, you and your dog mirror each other.

Did You Know?
The Mirror Method of dog training was developed in Hungary by novice dog trainers trying to learn how to control their canine friends.


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