CUTE! Puppy Guide Dog Training: First Day to Graduation – Earth Unplugged

Maddie visits a guide dog training center to meet puppies that are undergoing training to become guide dogs for the blind and partially sighted.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful show bred labs. Look at their blocky heads and stocky body. They would score perfect in conformity but rest aside in order to graduate from guide dog school they go through a lot of stuff and it's very very selective so a lot of dogs are given to other organizations or just given for adoption just like in school the kids who can't get A's or B's end up falling behind or chose some other career. The whole guide dog process is so interesting.

  2. I don't like how this video seems to say that these puppies were born with all these human-friendly traits… However young these puppies are, these traits were learnt. I'm just worried this video might mislead people into thinking they can get a puppy who comes back when called, doesn't struggle when held, etc, without having to put in any training. Those sorts of misconception lead puppies to the pound.

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