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    i brought the petliner like 4 days ago 2 make my chorkie to come when i call him/get loose we walk every morning(w leash) & i let him out 2 use bath room w/out his leash doing training/use bathroom hes doing alot better after a few days he listens/dont run away like b4 & listens to my commands he now heals/sit & when i stop he knows what side he soppose to b on & stays til i tell him i wasnt going 2 get a shock collar for him but after he got loose & wouldnt come back to me when i call him i figue i would try it out (petliner)….

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    "I have been in this training program for about three months and the results has been outstanding. It is so evident that I'm always asked how I got our aggressive dog to change to something different[Go Here== https://plus.google.com/116276972682309099869/posts/NSAw3V4dNXJ ]. It seem that our dog is beginning to see humans and fellow dogs in a different perspective. I so much appreciate this training videos. Thank you Dan."

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    Walter was the one who suggested I look for Daryl Arktrom’s website, I googled the name, and sure enough it's pretty insane.

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    "What stood out most about Doggy Dan is his dedication to helping his clients succeed. He always go above and beyond, sending out emails with detailed notes over viewing his clients last session and specifying the present behavioral goals for the week [Details Here === https://plus.google.com/u/0/110226900097507142274/posts/dcP6kRR9WiT ]. He also sends links to many training videos and websites directly related to our behavioral goals. He is very good.”

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    I love my dog enough not to electrocute her. And I do love her enough to shock her when she tries with all veracity to attack other dogs. Since we bought the collar, she hears me when I say "NO!" She'll still bark, but she stays with me now instead of charging at other dogs. We can go for nice long walks now and we even play fetch without any fear that she's suddenly going to go into "KILL KILL KILL" mode. Those of you who oppose this sort of training have never been confronted by an angry mother with a screaming baby who didn't like that your aggressive big dog attacked her little dog in front of her little girl. Nor have you had to apologize to a young child covered in bruises and scratches because your dog freaked her dog out so much she ended up crashing her bike. And as she is trying to get up from under her bike, you're trying really hard to see if she is okay but can't because your dog is still trying to kill her dog who is still trying to get away.

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    If you don't have a led you can test the shock mode by placing the device on an exposed part of your body and proceed from there.

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    I don't know why, but the collar piece will not detached in order for me to get to the batteries.

    My kids out the charger into to "reset"hole instead of the charging one, how can I fix it?

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    Thank you!!! I lost the directions and the vibration setting is what works to get his attention when he's tugging too hard on the harness! or playing with another dog that doesn't want to be played with. I won't use the shock setting ,even though I shocked myself on bare skin to try it beforehand. Anything under 75 on bare legs wasn't painful just annoying but being on his neck even though he's furry Ian for me, vibration is great though. Thanks again!

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    how anyone can say they love their dog and then proceed to electrocute them for their behaviour beats me sooner these things are internationally banned the better 

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    Are all functions activated by the remote or can you set the collar to work by sound activation?

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    seems like light mode is no good if its to help u find dog in dark pretty impossible to use control in dark because it has no back light so u cant read screen and because light is so small on the receiver its basically useless.

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    The only people who could find anything wrong with are the ones who didn't read the instructions before using it. On each position you should start at zero and go up slowly in intensity until your dog moves his head , or ears or has obviously felt something. This is this dogs working level and you do not need to go up further in the range. The idea is to correct the dog and not punish him. Each dog is different.

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    You gotta check this out, I recently got a rescue dog who needed a little helping hand with her behaviour! I found onlinedogtraining.us and followed their online program, which has made all our lives so much easier!. Made my life so much easier

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    I thought that but you don't you just hold down the mode button for a few seconds then it starts again , check the mode you want , press yes button and your good to go . I know I thought that too .

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    ok I have a question , I used my collar last night for the 1st time , now this morning I am getting no reaction from it at all , do I have to re – pair it everyday ? because it went into sleep mode ???

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    heehee I just shocked myself on 3 , your gonna have well behaved kids , that's all I can say…mmmmmm I have a step son….LOL the mind boggles .

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    That's true in some respects , and my dog does hand commands perfectly , heeling everything until you get out of the yard , then her attention goes out the window ,I just got one for the vibration only use to try to curb this as I have a bad back , and it's a attempt to have absolutely no pulling at all . We'll see how it goes , i'm not interested in the shock button at all , but did try it on me , ouch , even on level3 LOL.better to have dog I can walk than not because she's a gr8 dog .

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    I tried the shock on number 6 when I was pairing mine up and it had a fair kick , I won't be using the shock on my dog but I just had to test what all the fuss was about hehe I'm awake now LOL

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    I just bought one of these followed instructions = it didn't work ?? I watched this vid and he said PAIR within 30 seconds , and hey presto it works yay ! didn't buy it for shocking , just got it for vibration as I have a bad back and I want to get a bit more attention with the heel with my dog when distractions are around , here's hoping , so I can still walk her.

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    This collar trained my dog in 1 week shocked her twice…. I also use them to train military working dogs.

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    we bought this system for the purpose of our huskey, it works only with shock level turned up to 100, worked very well, our problem is once you set or pair up the reciever turns off after a few minutes then you have to keep re pairing the reciever, we bought the one with 2 recievers, #1 reciever is worse, # 2 does it every other day and # 1 is getting to be every 15 minutes

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    You probably have a lap dog, try training a dominant dog. We have a rare bread of a husky and cost us a pretty penny. She has done at least 15k in damages to the house we live in. You cannot simply train certain dogs. We even gotten a shock collar and it has not effect shocking wise, I'm assuming the unit is defective but the vibrations part does work. I will be sure once I get a new unit I'll give her a shock for you.

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    E-Collars, like any other training tool, can be completely humane and remain very effective when used properly. However, the potential to abuse the animal it very real if not used in correctly. This particular collar has a very effective vibration only range which has been more than sufficient for 90% of the dogs I've chosen to use it on. However, the shock mode on this particular unit is VERY intense and a working level of 1 to 3 is as high as I have gone. Lvl 25 hurt ME pretty quiet a lot!

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    I trained my dog perfectly with no shock collars, sticks, or even treats. Proof that things like this AREN'T necessary. All you need is patience.

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    This is a great tool for training. Like any thing else, you can use it properly or cruelly. I was able to set a perimeter with flags from home depot for about $8 and using this collar, train my dog not to breach the perimeter. A great value. She has short hair and a 6-8 on a scale of 1-100 gets her attention. Some Youtube train your dog videos around that are pretty good. I recommend this product if you plan to work with your dog and teach the right behaviors, not if you are lazy.

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