What to expect when starting a formal dog training program!

My opinion on what constitutes the most important elements in the beginning phase of a formal dog obedience training program! For more information about my services, check out my website: http://kentuckycanine.com/ If you just like cool photos of dogs, you can head over to my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stonniedennis/


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  1. I love your pot belly pig in the middle of things, great training pet. I love the whistle but we had to find a unique sound otherwise ball games would be an issue. Great video, nice dogs.

  2. Is there a natural transition from one training to the next? Or some kind of planned schedule? My biggest problem is once I teach the sit, down, stand, stay, come, wait and go easy I don't know where to go from there. I love the way you teach the weave in your legs.

  3. My neighbor raised his pup around babies (new infants) toddlers, yorkies and kittens. Lots of toddlers. This dog is amazing..two years old and it is what I would love to have.. I am to old now..

  4. I have seen a lot of dog training videos on youtube, been watching/ learning a lot on your channel on training my Malinios. Not knocking other trainers out there but I find you to be one of the best. Thank you for the videos on training Puppies.

  5. Stonnie,
    Thanks for all the videos. I'm getting some good knowledge. I've got a good base pattern going. One question: I've got an 8 week old lab puppy, and I'm wondering what you do to keep them from biting on hands? I saw your videos on lab puppy training and saw that you felt around the dog's collar (during base pattern) and only gave a treat when he didn't get mouthy. I've also seen you use kong toys to help the puppy get the chewing out. What would you recommend I do to let a puppy know that it's not ok to bite my hand? It is possible that my expectations are too high for this young puppy.

  6. i jusr found your channel and subscribed. I was wondering in your play list, were should I start for a complete begginger? I am getting a Doberman puppy and I want to train it myself. to bond with the dog and also keep distractions limited until basics are down. Also, how long and how many repitions should I do a day? thank you for your time.

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