Dog Training Tips-Aggression Toward People

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    This is a shelter dog with a problem already. This man is helping the dog learn what will keep him alive ( back off and do not show aggression). The ignorant comments below show why most people cannot manage a dog that shows aggression. And nearly no one takes a dog all the way through 1 obedience class. Figure it out… the dog must be helped NOT to bite or threaten as he will be destroyed if not helped. Stop it with the 'feel sorry' nonsense.

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    This is very confusing to the dog, I’m sorry this is shit!

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    If you correct the dog for growling he will stop growling.. Then you reward him for displaying avoidance with a treat, adding thus rewarding for avoidance. Your have is to build confidence. No escape, build confidence. Or understand if the dog is a loyal dog, if he is a loyal dog then the dog just needs exposure not socializing. Furthermore, you are not reading the dog body language to determine if a threat is present.

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    All aggression work needs to be done with a muzzle! End of story.

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    I would like to extend an offer to any shelters in the los angeles area to train and do behavior modification with the dogs there for free if it means you don't use methods like this. any shelters/rescue groups reading this feel free to message me here or find me. Spot on Dog Training.

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    Lol unless you have been training dogs you shouldn't have a comment about training dogs. Yes I agree I would never hang my dog to teach him something and yes there are some suspect activity in this video but the dog didn't have any trainging or behavior corrections in the past so anything at this point will make the dog some what better around people. The problem here is that we have dog owners that just get a dog to have one they don't set a structure for the dog from the time they are puppies and you get this result a dog that can't be around people other dogs or kids it's sad. Getting a dog is like having a child you have to be guide them through everything from birth you have to show them right from wrong. So if your going to dog owner especially the Alpha breads you have to be an Alpha yourself that's just how it works

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    WOW! everybody that says this is animal cruelty is a fucking retard! Can you not see or understand in your thick brain that the dog was less threatened in the end? Lifting the dog by this lead and collar did NOT harm this dog! It did NOT cut off air supply! and more importantly did the dog cry? yelp? try to run away from his owner? NO the only outcome was that he wasn't trying to attack anymore! I would happily use these techniques with my dogs and this guy clearly knows what he is talking about. I cannot say the same for you keyboard warriors that probably do not even own a dog and just want to cause trouble on the internet in your mums attic!

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    This is hard NOT good help for an owner that CLEARLY needs it. Ugh. Owners have a hard time getting good help bc they just don't know what to do. Everyone here should watch Jeremy Majors Training videos on here. He is in Wisconsin but has videos on youtube. He has helped our pack in Virginia. Please please do NOT watch this and think that this is all there is to training. Lost opportunity here.

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    The comments on this video are so hard to read. The dog is not being hurt when it's being lifted up by the collar–you'll notice the back legs remain on the ground which supports the weight, and he makes zero visible or audible signs of discomfort beyond realizing he's not in a position to be aggressive. Beyond this, people saying the training doesn't work may not be considering that by repeating the approach/staring, correcting improper responses and rewarding correct responses, the dog will learn to associate reward with appropriate reaction. There are a lot of ways to approach training–this may not suit all dogs, but it is not cruelty to animals.

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    Easy to make negative comments. If a technique works, it is OK. People do stare at dogs. The training helps here. As for hanging the dog, he said the owner handled it incorrectly. The trainer is training the owner to handle the situation correct, by getting the dog to avoid the stare. Most training techniques are common sense. They require patience and repetition. Many owners are too impatient. I for one have learnt from this video.

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    i hope nobody ever follows this absolutely terrible advice lmao. this dog is set up for failure.

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    Hello! My name is Taylor and I work for the SPCA and yes I agree the way he hung the dog was cruel but the problem is that the correcting that should be made is a touch on the neck and a noise or a tug on the leash and a noise.

    Here at the SPCA we take pride in training our animals to be friendly. We do behavioral assessments for our animals and usually dogs have some issues but most are okay. If the dog has any issues we put them on red lock up until we feel the dog is ready for Green lock (this dog goes through training to be able to get to green lock)

    Please do not stare at a dog! For example if someone walks up and shakes your hand and stares at you for more than 5 seconds you would be scared or freaked out. Its the same for dogs but the limit is LESS THAN 3 SECONDS! If you are approaching a dog usually their aggression comes from anxiety and fear. The front side of you is TERRIFYING. Your best option is to face side ways or face away! Side of you is not that scary while the back of you is not scary at all.


    Side note- Yes he did abuse the dog but it would be too late now to report this video we wouldn't be able to accept it due to date and the fact that we wont be able to pin point who owns the dog to have people go in check on the dog and run some tests look at footage and such unless you have addresses, name and phone number.

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    OMG! This person is not a trainer at all. He doesn't know what he is doing.

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    The 1st problem is that this dog has had ZERO obedience training. He doesn't know the sit command or any command, it seems. The owner just drags him, won't say his name (Horatio? REALLY? 4 syllables for a dog?) to get his attention. But, even worse, this trainer is setting this dog up for euthanasia. Staring,,,, HANGING,,,,, feeding!!!!! What an idiot! Using nervous females in the demonstration? OMG! Wake up people! Never bait a dog into aggression and then HANG him. CRUEL AND COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL. I hope he is no longer in this business. Disgusting. Use Balanced Training professionals, ie: Solid K9 or The Good Dog Training. Tons of responsible training vids on those sites.

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    Lmao worst training video. At least if you're going to use corrections, use it right. Slip lead's on wrong because it's constantly tight around the dogs neck. It's supposed to loosen on its own. Corrections are also supposed to be a quick firm pop (to get the point across), not hanging the dog to create neck damage. How's the dog supposed to know he's wrong when there's constant pressure?? How's the dog supposed to know he's right without rewards or marking? Training is supposed to be clear for the dog. Everything in this is wrong. No one knows what they're doing. Even the "trainer" who thinks he knows is wrong. Aggression shouldn't be confronted directly. If they dog is aggressive, the woman and Manny are at risk for bites because the dog doesn't have a basket muzzle on. Props to my man Manny for realizing around 9 mins into the video that a crap leash pull wasn't going to get the dog to sit, but he still bribed the dog to sit with a treat without marking to let the dog know that was correct. Dog doesn't seem to know a lick of obedience. Can't sit or lay down. Restraining a dog and forcing them to fight is setting the dog up for failure, especially when you don't let the dog know it's wrong (through pressure training) or right (through reward training. You don't even see the great trainers (who specialize in aggression cases) messing up so bad like this (Solid K9 Training, The Good Dog Training, Tyler Muto, Leerburg, Pak Master Dog Training, Off Leash K9 Training, Jamie Pernith, etc.). I'm 10 minutes in and I can only see that they're teaching the dog to avoid eye contact and trying to get the dog to voluntarily "flight" or walk away from the woman which isn't possible cause confused Manny is not slacking the leash enough for the dog to move cause he's ready to give a crap correction any second the dog does something that isn't "sitting". That dog is just waiting for the stress of this so called "training session" to be over so he can have a break to chill. The only thing he's learning is that being on leash or trained is just the crappiest time and stress he has to endure. Training is supposed to be fun for both the dog and the handler, whether you're using e collars or toys or prongs or treats. I didn't see an ounce of progress in this entire video.

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    This is all wrong. He is not relaxed this is giving me anxiety just watching this

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    This is animal abuse!!!!! I can train a dog better than you my dog can walk right next to a cat with no leash on and I didn't use balanced training I used three training and clicker training

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    Everywhere I go on youtube, there´s always people in the comments who think they know every goddamn thing in this world. Cant you just shut the FUCK UP, if you dont have anything good to say? "BUHUUUU HE DOESNT KNOW WHAT HE IS DOING, HE IS HURTING THE DOG", why do you all complain and all that shit, without even tell how you should have done it? BECAUSE YOU DONT KNOW SHIT EITHER!!!!!

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    Dumbasses he doesn't hurt the dog he's keeping it in a vulnerable state so he knows not to do this behaviour if it was choking it would cough but it doesn't so STFU about animal abuse this behaviour should not be allowed even it means choking this dog they need to respect people and I'm not saying hurt a dog either I'm just saying if it works use it

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    Thought it was a great video. Comments are probably left by vegetarians. That pit was not in pain and getting the dog use to ALL BEHAVIOR is important. Easier to train the dog then to train the world.

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    I wonder how many of you are actual dog trainers in the comments ? Interested in an actual balanced trainers opinion.

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    This is absolute trash. Typical ego-driven "trainer" giving the real professionals a bad name. He's calling the dog a jerk and instructing the handler to hang him. So fucked up.

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    I agree that there are many other more effective ways to handle this situation than presented by this trainer. I, personally would have used Counter Conditioning or BAT.

    With that said, some of the retards below are extremely narrow minded. Many roads lead to Rome. There is always more than one way to address these kind of issues. Applying up pressure on the leash is abuse??? REALLY??? I would bet that all you that are criticizing that leash pressure are most likely females and do not have the physical strength to do so.

    Remember one thing……the only thing 2 dog trainers can ever agree on is the 3rd trainer is wrong!! Just because you disagree with the approach in this video doesn't make it wrong. So, my advice to all you self righteous drama filled women is to back off. ( I say women because 90% of all trainers are females. And 90% of all drama is female driven ).

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    I think part of the problem is the woman walking towards the dog looking directly in his eyes. That will make the feel dog nervous and uncomfortable.

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    This is difficult work. Try to understand dogs. Help dogs and love them. That's the only way
    to prevent tragedies. Think wisely. Love dogs and love humans.

    The description for this compilation is smart and comprehensive.

    Human and dog social relationships should be based on the most humane
    and loving experiences, respecting justice and the laws (such as the EU

    We are against eating dogs, dog butchery, dog fights, etc.

    Many dogs are being beaten by their owners. We know of cases where pit
    bulls or other dogs attacked, when they were beaten and the owners were
    cruel to them – or their children. But we do know of cases, where after
    years of being in a good relationship with the owner(s) the dog does not
    recognize the owner due to an ailment or old age (and with that
    sometimes fear), but not always in a life-threatening way.

    There should be a government ban to breed dangerous dogs. And overall,
    dogs should not be breed, because as we know from statistics, a lot of
    owners mistreat their dogs, throw them out on the street or butcher
    them. A dog should be treated like a best friend, like a beloved child
    – keeping in mind all the needs of this species, physical and emotional.

    The owner must observe his or her beloved dog, in a reasonable and smart
    way, to prevent accidents. A dog can really be only in the hands of a
    truly loving owner. We are against dog training and using dogs by the
    firefighters, the police, the army, etc. There must be a ban to forbid
    using dogs for chemical testing, in laboratory experiments and overall
    'scientific research'. Computers and electronics are for research.

    Playing with your beloved friend dog, not putting its health at risk –
    this is proper contact with a dog, which gives love and friendship.
    Dogs, since 300 000 years are our best friends and they were not
    sexually abused. In many cults, zoophilia was forbidden. Any sort of
    cruelty against the dog was forbidden, as was terrorizing a dog or
    eating dogs.

    Do dogs have litter boxes at home? Do they eat good food, without
    artificial preservatives, but not raw or bloody meat? Do these dogs
    have enough fresh water to drink? Did that dog have some kind of pain,
    like from holding its needs or such? Can they run outside enough?

    Dog are not always well treated, with care and with love. They are not
    properly taken outside, so that they may relieve themselves properly as
    often as they needed, so they suffer holding their needs.

    A dog must have freedom of movement and run for health. It needs to
    bark to discharge physical and emotional tension.

    We must take into consideration that fetching objects is often
    associated with taking in a lot of dust by the dog's body, which causes
    kidney problems or cancer. Just like bad food causes such problems.

    Don't make demons out of dogs. They're not demons. It's the human
    who's guilty in this relationship, who doesn't understand or improperly
    takes care of the dog, which is a cause for trouble.

    We grieve watching these terrible events. We are very sad that such
    tragedies come to be.

    Dogs have their own past which others are unaware of.

    Were the attacked people cruel to their dog(s)? Dogs must be under
    proper care, in the responsible hands of a loving owner.

    And in case of some kind of hatred between dogs – just like some people
    don't like other people, they must be properly kept so they won't attack
    each other.

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    Thats a whole lot of dog. Beautiful, but a lot of dog. Too much for the owner i wonder?

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    This dog is being setup to bite. He is otherwise a good dog. Staring down a dog and approaching him suspiciously causes suspicion in the dog. Handler choking the dog that did not exhibit aggression in that moment, so he chocked the dog for nothing. No correction was learned. He , the dog, is also reacting to being stared at, and otherwise, doesn't seem aggressive. Staring down a dog will cause a defensive response. I don't think anything is being learned by this dog and I don't think this effective in any fashion. I don' think this is an effective training methods being shown. and this so called "expert" doesn't seem experienced. Seems like nonsense. I don't think this is very good dog training in any fashion.

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    You are extorting people AND abusing animals at the same time. This is really shameful you legit bring shame to the name 'dog trainer'.

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    All knows that U don't challenge a dog looking directly into their eyes and also that choke correction is just hilariously dumb the dog is getting choke and not corrected keep in mind a dog is living in the now moment the dog warned the lady gently to move away from its personal space a quick snap on the leash is the way to go no wonder why this dog have human aggression keep choking it and it will attack the owner at least I will give credit that u have ur comments open for comments otherwise please step ur game up especially with those type of breeds they have a bad reputation already …

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    how is that not hurting the dog, you are yanking him up by the neck with a choke collar. Idk but sounds pretty painful to me. This is how you get a dog to end up biting someone. Very poor training skills, I train service dogs and i've dealt with aggressive dogs and I would never approach it the way you did. There's no need to be yanking a dog up by it's neck like that.

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