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    this dog is sublime, exceptional patience and accuracy with the training. amazing. FUCKING AMAZING

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    This is the most awesome video about the most awesome dog. My Mal is at my feet right now. Love bug with very scary dental hardware!!

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    also curious is this dog an import pre trained most of the examples are french and or belgian ring…most likely yes

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    nice dog bad heeling some of the footage was ran in reverse..the helper on the attack swung the dog into the fence…lucky the dog didnt fracture a leg…the show boating bullshit is pointless and dangerous. your dog is no good with a broken leg.

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    dont over training dog it look abusive to animal need to enjoy his dog life not to being slave with the barbaric people

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    The little fucker speaks Chinese too.!!!!!!!! Holy shit wait until they reverse engineer the Malinois, It will go like fuck for 10 minutes and then go up in fire and smoke.

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    Now that these dogs are in China, they will be alterations to their DNA and they will give them an intellect of a human but keep the submission and willingness to comply to every command threw a headset for missions

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    Don't get one of these unless you're willing to invest the time, physical and mental power to train it properly.

    Had one of these in the family, but I was a kid, and parents didn't know much about dogs and training either, and it backfired like crazy. I remember that a couple of his brothers went straight to the military.
    Back then we thought the dog was crazy, but of course in retrospect we were to blame for his behaviour.

    The main thing to know here is that they don't just get hyperactive when neglected like a vizsla or retriever, but they also get aggressive, and even prone to serious self harm. Of course they also get aggressive with other humans and animals, but that's true for almost every kind of dog with lack of training.

    Otherwise they're really smart, strong and willing. If they must, they'll work until they're half-dead. They're also really healthy, since mostly they aren't bred for the looks.

    Really wish I knew a lot more about dogs 20 years ago.

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