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    This "gundog trainer" doesn't have very good dogs…And GSP's are, in fact, natural retrievers…Also, a dog at 2 years should be finished and in his prime, not creeping and flushing birds that he won't retrieve after they've been shot. I didn't see any of his dogs demonstrate steadiness to point, wing, or shot, much less retrieve to hand. If I were this trainer, I would hate to know that this video is out there for people to see that are looking for a dog trainer to send their dog to. However, maybe it saves a few dogs from a life of mediocrity in the field and gets them enrolled in a proper training program.

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    Great video!
    I'll give you some good hints, tricks, and advice that may help you turn your puppy into the best behaved, most joyful, jogging, bouncing, slipper-fetching best pal you always wanted

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    Trying to go to your web page but google says Fortino web page is infected

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    Wow, Finding the best training for your new puppy / dog can be really hard, i went to onlinedogtraining.us and followed the step by step program which was amazing. I can't stress enough how much this site has helped me.

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    It is very splendid GSP.
    There are a lot of RingNeck pheasants,
    too and is enviable.

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