Dog Trainer Gets Bitten To Demonstrate Dog Warning Signs And Bite Inhibition

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In this video you will learn about why it is so important to teach dogs bite inhibition and also how to detect the warning signs of a dog bite or attack.

If someone says that a dog bit or attacked with no warning signs, well that simply isn’t true.

Dog bites and attacks are actually very very predictable, and very very avoidable when you know what to look for.

When something is happening to our dog or around our dog that is making them uncomfortable, they will give off warning signs.

Because we are humans who don’t naturally understand dog body language, it is very easy to miss these warning signs.

If we miss the warning signs, and continue to do what ever it is that the dog doesn’t like, and the dog bites us, then it is OUR FAULT!

It is not fair to get mad or angry at a dog for biting when they were asking us to stop and we didn’t.

Below is what I call the dog aggression ladder, and it shows you the build up of signs that a dog will give that eventually leads to a bite.

Now keep in mind that you won’t necessarily see every single warning sign or action on this ladder before a bite occurs, but you will always at minimum see at least one, and that is your cue to identify what is bothering your dog and remedy the situation.

When you see your dog displaying the behaviors on this chart, here is what they would say to you if they could speak english.

” Stop it! “
” I don’t like what your doing to me! “
” Leave me alone! “
” I’m scared! “

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  1. But doesnt this show the dog that if it feels uncomfortable, it can just growl or even bite to get away from the situation. For example when you touched the leg, then if you want to cut the nails the dog will know that all it has to do is growl so you cant cut them. I think a dog should never growl or bite the owner, because there are times when you have to do things that arent so nice and can cause pain.

  2. I have a Shih-Tzu 5 yr old male dog and he goes totally off if we (yes it takes about 3 or 4 of us to hold him) to get his hair shawn off and l wouldnt even try his nails l take him to a groomer for that……but we wrapped him in a towel and held him to get the mattered hair cut away from his paw…..later l filmed him my sister just tapped the clippers on his foot and he went mad at her…..its madness l even sedated him once (Vet gave me 2 pills) and all that did was made him pee here and there on the floor and drool everywhere……he couldnt walk straight so l tried it again to first brush his paw….oh hell no! I can cut all his hair off but not his paws….he will not even shake with treats….also if hes barking cos someone has gone past the house l go up and say no sh naughty no speak and if he keeps doing it l will go to pick him up & he bares his teeth at me and low growls like hes going to bite me! His biggest problem besides those are that if l go out to the Drs or shops Kato chews & scratches his skin so bad when l get home he goes mental until l acknowledge lm home and cuddle him but yeah l have since learnt to wait till he calms down for the cuddle yeah? But its the blood l find everywhere….and dog blood stinks….l have to leave a jumper on him all year round cos he is always attacking himself……the Vet says l might need to permanently sedate him daily? I dont want to do that……he loves playing! and lm deaf so he lets me know when someone is here! Is there anything you can tell me to help? Cheryl

  3. I did that kinda stuff with my dog it’s whole life it would get fired up and we would always play bite and wrestle around until i said stop and then we where calm best friends. That was you just getting your dog ready for play fight.

  4. This doesn't go for every single dog out there some dogs give no warning at all my family's own dog went from wagging to attacking my mom went out side and without these warnings you shown never happened and yes dumb fuck some dogs do bite for no reason my mom got bit 32 times obviously you need to retrain yourself

  5. ''hes not mad at me, hes perfectly fine, has just some aggression problems and if he was outside without a leash he would kill a bunch of dogs or children, but hes perfectly fine, everything is cool, nice! Buy please a big pit pull too, you are some classy guy and you know what youre doing.

  6. Thanks for the "expert" infrormation 🙂 I have worked whit dogs 50 years,. Hunting dogs, pulling dogs, house dogs, guard dogs and sheperd dogs..
    And my parents, and before them, for the past 1250 years…We kind of "dependent" on them here in "the wilderness". To protect us from wild animals and you… 🙂
    Location: north europe. Need soome help ….:-) 🙂

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