How to Teach your Puppy to Sit and Stay

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    Ive just started fostering a dog, and hes got absolutely no training at all, he was rescued from a neglectful situation where he spent his entire life outdoors.i dont know where to start. His biggest problem is jumping on people. Should i start there?

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    I’m struggling to train my dog I think it’s because I did not train him from the beginning please do a video for level one dogs that are not in to listening to you ????

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    My uncle trained his dog with force and it was obedient and loving, it even danced with him, so I'm confused.

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    I have a pup and she only sits when I lower the treat to the ground. Is that wrong?

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    My alaskan husky puppy is a dumbass. I can't teach him anything and he always bites.

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    The dog is really cute.

    But I think it's funny people pay a lot of money for dogs that are only a mixture of 2 breeds as if it was a real breed. And still call it a breed. Like with goldendooldes, schnoodles, labradoodles, etc..

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    My dog knows that whenever I get a treat she needs to sit, but when I say the command she doesn't do it. She knows stay though.

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    This'll help me teach our pup to sit and stay since he started biting us… He likes to play but a little too much forceful

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    Is it possible to train the dog with not just word command but gesture as well? will the dog adopt both methods?

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