How To Teach Your Dog To FETCH Perfectly! (Dog Training Tutorial)

Training a dog to fetch is a very useful behavior that has many benefits. In this video, you will learn step-by-step how to train any dog to fetch. The methods used in this video are based on the science of learning and utilize positive reinforcement as a primary tool. Any dog can successfully learn to do this with patience and over a relatively short period of time. It is important to take your time with each of the concepts demonstrated to get the best results.

Please consider sharing this video and supporting our work to support positive dog training. We believe that dog training has to emphasize the importance of maintaining a good relationship with your dog and not using aversive training methods which are often considered the norm. Using punishment in training can not only harm the relationship you have with your dog but it also has a negative impact on training.

Watson is a 16 week old Labrador retriever who learned how to do this in a matter of weeks. If you would like to follow our work and learn more about training your dog effectively, follow us:
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  1. I tried to teach my dog but she won't give the ball to me. Instead she thinks I'm trying to take it away permanently and so she turns around and runs away. I can say i have taken the ball from her a few times when she won't give it to me but I don't know what else to do

  2. You lost my interest when I saw how you toss the treat on the floor instead of handing it directly to the puppy. Half the time he didn't see you do it so he has to find it! This takes away from the immediate reward does it not??

  3. I have an American Bully he is about 1 1/2 years old is it to late to teach him to fetch and implies control? Thank you enjoyed this video also the time that it took to train you dog, encourages me to be patient.  Thank you. JGH

  4. Aaahhh!! He is back! I didnt even notice! I am subscribed to this guy just so that I can find his channel quickly when I want to look up training tips on his old videos. I had no idea he was making them again! Wooo!!

  5. Hi there, thanks for your video. I have been trying to teach my 6 month duck tolling retriever how to fetch but it's been mixed results so far. He now knows to mouth the object on cue, but we've been struggling to increase the duration. I have tried 4 sessions so far, and there's been like zero progress on the duration. Any tips on that? Thanks!

  6. I found out my female German Shepherd was deaf, but declined to return her. Training took on a different method. No voice commands, just hand signals and eye contact. Results were rewarding for both the dog and me.

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