How to Train your Puppy to Stop Biting

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    I am abo
    ut to get an 8 week old English Shepard puppy and I want to train it. I could really use some suggestions. Please respond to me great video!

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    @ 5:21 Flurry's like, "Gimme, gimme GIMME THE TREAT & STOP MOVING YOUR HANDS SOOO MUCH!!!". ????????????????????????????

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    Well, I was the 1,000,000th view, but teething is natural for dogs, If they bite down hard I might smack them a little bit and yell, they will get the point eventually, but don't be too harsh on them because you could hurt them if you hit them too hard, just give them a little tap and yell, but just give them plenty of chew toys and you should be fine, I haven't had to hit them unless it got really bad, just yell and it will drive them away from your arm. Just be patient and they will grow out of it.

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    I have just got a Spitz but it is showing kind of aggression towards my family and attempts to bite when off guard please say what should I do

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    i have a labradoor puppy (male) and he bites me show hard , his age is 6 months ,so what can I do for stop biting .. please help me sir ..

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    Do you recommend the use of sour cherry bitter spray to stop chewing and play biting and can you teach puppy to be gentle with the mouth like gentle nipping or is that too confusing for the dogs

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    I can't teach my pup how to sit cuz it literally bites me and takes the treat like a gangsta

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    How can you give "training videos," when your puppy is sitting their bitting you?

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    ehh, nothin like just a good ol' fashioned smack in the face to teach em 🙂

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