When Should you Start Training your Dog?

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    I'm studying dog training and found a fantastic website at Bevs Booster Guide (google it if you're interested)

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    Yo I have an internet connection but no device to watch your vids on mind sending me an iPhone?

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    i got my golden retriver at 8 weeks is it to erly to train her

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    This guy is a clown of course he's interested let's see you do it without the treats bitch

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    We are bringing home our dog on the 23rd of December, and i cannot express how helpful your videos are. Its still a little daunting to train a new puppy, but I have some more confidence after watching your videos 🙂

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    Zak I am confused for getting a new puppy should I take husky or German Shepherd ????

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    I love your videos and I am training my puppy every day and take her for walks 5 times a day

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    I have rabbits but my dog attack on the rabbit , what can we do so that the dog would not attack. can u please tell what to do

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    I love my puppies so much and this video really helped and she doesn't know a lot but i need to train her

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    Great video, Zak! Does anyone need more help when it comes to training your dog? Take a look at our channel for daily videos about all things dog training related, from behavioral training to teaching fun and adorable tricks! Looking forward to your feedback! -Haggerty Dog Training

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    My dog is 8 he is a German Shepherd and when i try to get him to sit,he just walks away confused also he has artherites something like that sorry for bad spelling im 10

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    I got new beagle puppy female 40 days old . I want to teach her to stop puppy biting .. can i start ???

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    does anyone know if he has a video about herding dogs that will nip and try to herd you, and how to stop this?

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