6 Dog Training Secrets in 5 Minutes!

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  1. Hi Zak! I just brought home my 3 month old whippet puppy. I've had him for 8 days and he's an angel! I find myself getting frustrated when he pulls on the leash during walks. This is usually when we first leave the house and when we are getting home. When we first leave the house he pulls in the opposite direction and is simply to scared to leave. When we head home he pulls much harder, eager to arrive at our destination. Zak, please help Hermes and I have more pleasant walks!

  2. You make it easier without punishment you are truthful you must spend all ur time with ur dog!Ur smile and the dogs smile brings my day I'm happy that you make my dogs training so much easier :)God bless you

  3. I got an germen sherperd that's 2 months old I got it from my uncle and Aunt and it barely moves it hide under tables and beds and it breaths very heavily and I don't know what to do

  4. I would like some people to wear a pinch or E-collar and have someone use it every time they said something ignorant and see if they like that person much afterwards. You're not building love or trust. It's fear, negative reinforcement. Which works far less effectively than positive reinforcement. Wouldn't you rather be rewarded for doing the right thing than punished for doing the wrong thing? You would obviously want to do the right thing more. It's basic psychology. Look it up.

  5. Also I highly disagree with your theory that "once the collars come off don't expect a complient dog". This is false. For further proof on how full of crap this theory is look up "Don Sullivan " he trains dogs offleash in 2 weeks. It's not a quick fix but it doesn't destroy the bond.

  6. Ok, I have a 18 month Pom (Maya) and don't know what to do. She is a very good dog except when she walks and someone approaches her, (Maya is a cutie.)or someone comes over. She gets so excited and I can't control her will not listen to any commands. I tried everything you have suggested, but nothing works. I'm at my wits end. HELP

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