DOG TRAINING: Dog vs Snake Part I

In Cambodia has snakes everywhere, because this country full of forest and water as Tonle Sap Lake, Pound, Pool River…ext. The Cambodian family like to feeding Dogs to protect their home at night time. Most of the farmers, they bring the Dogs with them when they are going to the rice field or the forest. Dog can catch snake, Turtles and the other birds. This video, I want to show you about my Dogs at home. My home is also in the village and during rainy season many snakes come around. Now I am training my Dogs how to catch snakes because I want to protect my home and I will bring them to the farm or to the jungle (forest) with me in the future. The snake vs with my dog in this video, we call WATER LILY SNAKE (Most people watch for eating for everyday life) and it is not against the Cambodia’s rule. Please continues watch my video start from this part I. Please help me by subscribe my KBT Daily Channel and Share my video for your friends. Thanks


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