Dog Training – The Secret To Loose Leash Walking

Leash walking is one og the commands that dog owners have difficulty with. In this video I share a simple secret to leash walking.

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  1. Brill also in another video she washes her dog in the washing machine came up lovely and then guess what she does to get him dry?…..yep she puts him inthe tumble dryer for a while…dry as a bone (see what i did there?) another tip she shared was insted of getting it groomed she leashes it on the lawn and runs over it with the mower… Brilliant!

  2. Until!….your pit bull gets so excited it pulls the leash out of your hand. This tip definitely works on a lot of dogs, but as a pit bull owner myself, my dog gets quite excited.Training her this way was verging on her causing damage to her trachea. I found it best to use a training collar and then phase it out. Otherwise she would have never learned how to walk correctly until she tired herself out, which is hardly if ever, or hurt herself or me.

  3. I'm just getting a border collie puppy and didn't know anything about the breed, so I began researching your videos imformed me on how to deal with a dog but I'm still unimformed(if that is even a word) Do you have any other tips?

  4. first thanks for taking the time to make and share this vid, now my question is I have a year old IG who is smoking crack! (just kidding PETA people) but if I were to use this example of how to leash walk I would never get out of the parking lot. what do you do in a very high engery type of dog?

  5. @theDudeAbides1100 spray the leash with some stuff that they don't like the smell of, sour apple spray works well I think or you can go to the vet and ask them they'll reccommend something. I got some stuff from a friend. Worked well with my 10 week old lab x kelpie today.

  6. @vBulletinzz if you start to run away from him he should naturally follow, but you could practice it at home first, thats how i get my dog to follow me away from distractins, it might look a bit silly but its worth it

  7. My dog is 5 years old (today)…. can I re-train him to walk on the leash at this age? he also poops in the street and not on the grass!! I never met a dog that pooped I tried yanking him to the grass when he starts to go but then he stops pooping so I stopped that. Any good ideas?

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