How to introduce a puppy to a dog – Puppy Training – Dog Training Discover The Best And Fastest Ways On How To Introduce a Puppy to a Dog,

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    This was a very helpful video! We are going to introduce a new puppy to our 2 dogs, hope it goes well, thank you for the tips πŸΆπŸ’–

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    Hi, Desperate to find a way to make my mature 13 year old less aggressive towards my 5 week old, & want to ask, what breed in Peanut? She is the double to mine.

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    I adopted a shelter dog last week. She's maybe a year old, and she's still very much a puppy. I'm really proud of my older dog, he's a bit touchy when she licks his face, but otherwise he's been pretty chill with her. He's kind of possessive of his tennis balls (not aggressive, but he's a golden that likes putting 2-3 balls in his mouth at once, and now he uses this to keep them away from the new pup), but the new pup can fetch. I don't want her to lose this, but he keeps blocking her and grabbing the ball first, and I'm worried she'll get frustrated and quit the game for good. She lets him steal toys from her… Is there a good way to involve her without excluding him from the game?

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