Sara is through to the semi-finals!

How to vote for Sara and Hero:
You can vote for Sara and Hero a total 30 times on AUGUST 29th

Opens at 5PM PST/8PM EST on Tuesday Aug. 29th and ends 4AM PST/7AM EST on Wed. Aug. 30th


1. AGT App for smart phones
2. and the NBC Facebook canvas page:
3. Call the toll free number (released during the show)

You can vote up to 10 times per user, per voting method

Here’s 2 recent videos we did with Sara:


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  1. Hey Zak, my female Vizsla puppy is 2 months old and is absolutely full of energy (and love) and is very very intelligent. She learned how to sit within 2 minutes with her rewards. Being so full of energy, she doesn't listen sometimes and that probably comes with time. What is the appropriate age for her to start learning to start listening to me?

    PS: Great live today by the way.

  2. zak, i have 2 dogs, a gsd/female/alpha6 yrs old & gsd/retreiver/pitbull mix,3 yrs old, they play fight together, after about 5-10 minutes the younger one starts getting aggressive w/the alpha-i tell him to stop; both to stop, but he wants to continue w/the aggressive behavior, she growls/barks at him to tell him to stop; how do you get the younger one to stop w/this(i'm guessing he wants the alpha position or biting too hard or both)??? Could you make a video on this?

  3. It would be awesome if you would do a video on how to reintroduce something to your dog. My dog hates baths, mostly because she hates water, even dew on the grass, or puddles after a light rain, and I would love if she wouldn't be so scared of them.

  4. Zak please please please do a training vid with dogs with "Alpha" thing?like how to deal with behaviors, "stubborn" things, and ofc training sessions. like samoyeds, huskies, shibas, malamutes? cuz im thinking bout getting a sam, and i want to have research as much as possible, THX A LOT FOR ALL OF UR TANIN' VIDS I LOVE EM ALLL.

  5. Such a great team! And Loki did fantastic, so full of energy. I wish there was a way to vote from up in the Great White North of Canada. My pack and I will be cheering for Sara and Hero never the less!!

  6. I want to view explained exercise of breeding dogs and cats, maintaining pure breed healthy breeding practices like avoiding inbreeding.

    Please please make videos on that, I searched over the internet but its very difficult to crack the code from that information.

    Proper breeding knowledge can make our hobby profitable.

  7. Zak George can u come to my house and train my dog cause I have watched ur videos and did almost everything in ur videos and he won't stop biting and won't respond to his name. So please help me I really need the help if u want to get in touch with me reply to my comment and I will give u my number

  8. Hey, can you please make a Video how to stop your puppy/dog biting while playing? I have a 5 Month old Goldie and he still bites hard ???? (sorry if i wrote something wrong im from germany????)

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