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    I just got one of these for my Dalmatian. He's very very strong and is not a fan of other dogs or strangers. It took all my strength to try to control him and he would usually end up pulling and dragging me. I'm excited to try this. I wasn't interested in something that would hurt him like he was doing something bad he just needs to be taught and I can control him better

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    I got this for my pit bull and he still pulls and it has left a mark on the bridge of his nose. lord help me lol love him but not the walk:(

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    Thats not a good leash if he can escape out of it. looks like its not secure

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    This video was very helpful.
    While using the closed caption feature I noticed an incorrect word at the 29 second mark. When you're saying ……is because it doesn't inflict any PAIN on your dog…. The closed caption has it as PAINT. Just thought you might like to know. Thanks for listening.♥

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    This works great for walks, my dog doesn't pull at all with this. BUT whenever he gets overly excited (sees another dog, hears a dog behind a fence, walking up to the dog park) he goes absolutely nuts and starts pawing at his face and biting at the leash. He's made himself bleed, he's made me bleed. He jumps up at me then drops to the ground screaming like he's being beaten. I know he's just excited but Oh my God it's a nightmare. This leash does not work well for those situations.

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    Thank you! When I go back to my pet sit will try to get it right this time! Have a hyper young golden retriever which I'm trying to control and put the leash on at same time lol

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    Why is my dog barking strange while wearing the gentle leader? She has been using of for a week now and no change.
    I followed the directions snug just below the ears only one fiinger fits between collar and dogs neck. It's pretty snug takes a little work to snap it in place but was told it must be very snug or it will turn on her neck and cause irritation.

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    I recommend getting a second short strap to connect from the Gentle Leader to the ring on the dog's regular collar, esp in the beginning when many dogs work hard to paw it off before they're used to it. That way if they manage to get the Gentle Leader off, you haven't lost your dog.

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    This was informative but what i am having trouble with is my dog fighting me to take it off every step of the way! If he sees something, and even if he doesnt, it is not an enjoyable thing for him or i. How do you help a crazy puppish dog to get used to wearing a gentle leader?

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    I have a pit just adopted from SPCA and I got him to have a walking buddy but it didn't turn out that way it wears me out trying to attempt to walk him he's jumping, pulling, not listening, any more suggestions

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    That was the exact explanation I needed–no one could explain it to me properly at the store I purchased it from!!

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    Late reply. I got this after trying almost every other product on the market. My dog HATES it. He paws at it and refuses to walk or do anything but roll around and paw at the strap on the nose. I've tried treats, I've tried praise. I've tried all the tips. Anything else I can do. Walking him is impossible, he pulls really hard, especially when he picks up a trail. Hes a beagle btw.

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    I have a lab pup who walks just fine with flat collar, but when he sees another dog, he gets over excited and I have no control. So I got this collar and and I"m training him right now. My question is, he's still not full size yet, and the ring beneath his chin hangs pretty long. Should I take the whole head collar off when he plays with other dogs? Do you think it may cause injury, because it gets in the way?

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    I am impressed with this new collar to help train our dogs who need more training. I am going to check them out. Where is a good place to buy one of these?

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    My dog is going nuts with this thing.  He keeps pulling it off his snout.  Is this common or is he a "Marley" dog? 

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    Thanks for sharing, great video and learning tool.  We have a GSD and our grandpup is visiting, both are very strong and well big goof's.  I do believe we will get 2 after reviewing your video.  

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    Do these help for dogs who drag and tug my dog always try to dragon when he see small yappy dogs

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    a halti head collar is way better than a gentle leader its just like horses halter does ride up or anything ive used it for 4 outa 6 years of my dogs life you can get a halti head collar on ebay for 5 to 9 dollars free shipping

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    Seriously the gentle leader is the best thing I have ever purchased for my dog, after a year of intense pulling, and trying so many different techniques to stop the pulling, I get the gentle leader and after one day she does not pull, you have to walk your dog every day, a gentle leader can make your life and your dogs so much better.

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    I have an eight week old rotty puppy, when should I introduce this? Right now he doesn't walk lol he sits.
    I'm trying and today he walked a little bit with the treats at the end

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    I see Izzy is a Pit Bull, I have a pit bull puppy, and wondering what size i would need when she's older (full grown) i bought a medium one off my friend for 5.00 (good deal) she showed me how to put it on. Bella doesn't have much of a snout to use it right now since she's only 10 wks old…But i am starting to get her used to walking on a leash.

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    My staffie is starting to get used to the gentle leader but when ever she has the chance she will get it of using her paws, she is nearly 2 years old so she is quite small and whenever she does this i remove it because she is of the leash, will this learn her to scrach it of when she on the the leash or only of the leash?

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    Thanks for the clear, straightforward demonstration. I have a Gentle Leader that was my old dog's, but couldn't remember how to use it for my new, unruly but delightful dog. We're off for a walk!

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    My post was 3-years ago. My dog has drastically changed since then. Not only does he hate putting on gentle leaders, it doesn't really make it behave any better. But then again, I own a wild dog. There's only so much you can domesticate them.

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    just got one of these leads,when first put on he did not like it but gave him lots praise and within 30 mins was brill no pulling when out it was a pleasure to walk him he tried to take it off but after 30 mins settled down get one they are brill back to how he was extending lead made him walk in front and pull now by my side in 30 mins of walking love it.

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    thanks so much! Trying to figure out how to use the collar while I'm dog sitting, couldn't have done it with out your awesome informative vid!

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    Yeah they try to put on the " sad sack " look and act , don't fall for it , instead when you go for a walk take some small biuts of chicken or simular and as you walk feed him some treats he'll soon come around , mine did , don't have any problems anymore . Regards Yvonne

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    Excellent video! I've been so perplexed on how to fit this collar! The "pop up" factor was my missing link. Thank you so much!!! 😀

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    … with a regular collar. Ive tried changing drirections everytime he pulls, Stopping immediately when he pulls, bumping him with my knee or using my foot to push him back so hes not in front of me, nothing had made an inch of progress 🙁

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    Gentle leaders are only a bandaid solution, they don't fix the pulling problem, they just give you more leverage over the dog and the minute you go back to a flat collar, the dog is still pulling as much as before. I used one on my sisters dog for years and going back to a regular collar was always the same. I've used one on my current dog and it definitely makes it possible to walk him without getting injured, but I'm really at a loss of how to actually get him under control on a leash.

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    Thanks for the video! I'm dogsitting a hound mix who uses one, but I've never really paid attention to how her owner hooked her up on this when she came to take her home. Husband wants to take her on his run this afternoon, and we were doing it all kinds of wrong – apparently!

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    i worked with it for almost a year cause my dog is eating sticks during the walk! now someone told me that it's terrible for ther neck… how is your opinion about that? i use it to get imidiatle her nose off the ground when i notice she wants to grap a stick!

    the stick problem is big… she had a surgery for it cause there were sticks stuck in her belly..

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    I have a 5 month old puppy pit bull and he DOES NOT like this gentle leader. I love using it because it really does work, but putting it on him is a different story. He curls his lip, he snarls, growls, and barks. To top it off he will bite whoever is trying to put it on. His vet recommended yanking his collar but now I can't even touch his mouth area or neck without him getting aggressive. I don't know what to do. Please help?

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    My sister has spent months trying to get her golden retriever to walk using Cesar Milan's methods to no avail. The dog would pull constantly on every walk, lurch after other dogs and people and generally ignore the person walking her. Twenty minutes on the gentle leader using this video to adjust fit and she was walking relaxed without pulling at all. On her second half hour walk I was able to get her to sit calmly while a neighbor walked by with his two dogs. No lunging zero. Worth every dime.

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    @JadyEmy Go with the large. I have a 55lbs golden female and the large fits her perfectly. There is quite a bit of space to adjust.

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    @xXRSDWXx Check ebay. I just got mine today from a seller DogScene. $11 shipped for a brand new in package Gentle Leader.

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    @chriswthurke What size did you use? I also have a small lab, and I thought of using this since mine does pull too (the first minutes of walking or when she sees an other dog). She's about 65lbs but could be 10lbs less xD, which is a big difference from my old lab who was 125lbs.

    I thought of buying one on ebay but the measures aren't always there.

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