Dog Training: Training Basic Obedience to American Bulldog puppy

Training Basic Obedience to Bubba, a 2 and half month old American Bulldog puppy. He is very smart and incredibly cute.
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  1. Hi, you have a beautiful AB and we love his videos, now that he has turned into a handsome boy he did had a weird sitting posture when he was a pup in this video the reason i am noticing this now cause i have a 11 week old AB who sits just like bubba and lot of people pointed out that it could be a sign of hip dysplasia I was just wandering do i have to be worried about hip dysplasia you think is it a sign and how do we correct his posture, cos i do not see that posture in
    Bubba now. Just little concerned for my puppy.

  2. To 8ile, who wrote the comment: "
    How was Bubba on his first night? Mine is whining, I'm ignoring her. But hoping she'll stop soon"
    It helps if you keep the puppy in a crate in your bedroom. The sound of you sleeping and the warmth often alleviates their crying or at least they stop soon. Also make sure you worm the puppy- puppies have worm and they also cry when they dont feel well.

  3. My American Bulldg puppy Athena (she's 5 months) drives us all insane sometime. It is SOO hard to train her, but were still working on it. My dad lived in an environment when he was younger (where it was okay) to hit a dog if they did something bad. I feel like hitting her has been making her worse, so I'm going to keep pushing the subject that hitting her is NOT the case at all. They hit her on the butt though, no where near the head, face, stomach, or really sensitive areas, but it's come to the point where she sometimes will try to nip at out hands when we pet her. I am going to keep pushing the subject all that I can to stop hitting her when she does something bad, instead think of a different punishment.

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