Dog Training : How to Train a Blind Dog

Train a blind dog in much the same way a seeing dog is trained, by reinforcing positive behavior with a motivational treat. Get a blind dog’s attention during training by calling his or her name with help from a professional dog trainer in this free video on dog obedience.

Expert: Heidi Dixner
Bio: Heidi Dixner is the owner of Red Rover Pet Services in Nashville, Tenn.
Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge


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  1. we do resque work and i sent about three years in japan so alot of my spell is off sorry but my guarden is fostering a little blind minitur pincher philmor and she gos off dumping him off on me while she is out i dont now how to take care of a spshial needs dog i have a pet berded dragon im a reptile guy not dogs…ok not true i have a german shepard cuz my uncle died and they didnt want to put him down and iv knot the dog sence i was 10 and im 17 now

  2. Have a look at my videos training my blind dog – jumping in and out of the care, walking the stairs, being in front of me in the forest, swimming, finding things etc
    It is a bit too long. My videos can be found under Tomsolna Blind and happy dog.

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