Building Attention-game 2- clicker dog training

Game 2 of Attention Games! Hope you enjoy!!!

Many thanks to Kaleigh the aussie puppy and Cuong!

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  1. yes! finally a video I can relate to. My dog is so chilled and gives me her attention when we are at home. But she's ignoring me, when we are on a walk. The environment is way too interesting. I'm so going to try this later on a walk.

  2. hey hey! Pretty good video, Thanks! There is this fantastic FREE download guide at "Brendt Mastery Dog Training Guru" (do a search on google)? Hurry before the FREE download guide is taken down!

  3. If you were to use the lure method on a dog that likes to chase cats, would it help as it gives an outlet for the chase behaviour plus more control over it, or could it make it worse ?

  4. I did this with my puppy (9 weeks) and it worked initially, but then it was time to go back inside and he just sat down and refused to walk. I offered toys, noises, food and what have you but it didnt work. In the end I had to carry him to the door – is he just stubborn? did I exorcise him for too long or am I just being impatient?

  5. The job of Cesar is not to make the dog love him. What most people seem to forget is that the dog behavior was never corrected by their owner(s). First he has to introduce himself as the new leader and make the dog submissive, than work with both the dog AND owners and teach them positive reinforcement.

    If you use positive reinforcement from the beginning (as a puppy) you already have proven that you're the leader. You provide food, determine when (s)he can play, when it's time to sleep, etc.

  6. This helps bunches…. I shall expiriment with this definately( lord willing) tomorrow. Haha, I'm just excited about finally finding a possible solution to getting my cousins old dog prancer interested in me.. Aaand maaaybe even a frisbee!!! Wooot!!!

  7. I realy realy love your videos!! We just started with the clickertraining and my puppy (9 months old) loves it aswell!! Have you got a Video, that shows, how to get rid of jumping up at people? he started with it a couple of weeks ago :S

  8. I love these games. I do them with all my puppies and truthfully have never had a pup that didn't want to respond to me when I called their name or said come…it's such a great feeling.

  9. I am so impressed by your info and videos… and your videos help me to clearly see what you mean. I've been trying to find every video you have posted!
    Do you have an online site?

  10. @WhatsTheDifferenceTV Cesar Millan? He trains on the philosophy that dogs are pack animals, which they -are!- He breeds obedience in the dogs through obeying the trainer as the Pack leader. There's no violence, just sternness and domination – he never says anything about "don't cuddle your dog", or "don't give your dog any love".

  11. Could you possibly do a video on how to teach a dog not to hunt cars, bikes or joggers, while walking on a slack leash?
    I would LOVE to know your perspective on this issue. I am currently learning clicker training in order to stop my dog from doing it. but I find it hard to teach her to ENJOY the walk(sniffing and investigating the surrounding) on a loose leash, while at the same time ignoring the fastmoving cars and joggers besides her.

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