How to teach ANY dog to Come when called!

This is one of the most crucial commands that every dog should know. Dogs that are reliable off-leash get to have more freedom, fun and exercise. They secret to teaching this is to always set your dog up for success and then reward them for succeeding. Follow these few tips to get started.

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  1. I needed a refresher course on this, thank you! The other day my dog was in the front yard and I said "come" and she didn't and I became angry with her. She sensed it and thought about running from me and I was thinking: what dog in his right mind would come back to an angry master? What I had forgotten was that you should beckon dogs to pleasant things that they like. Unlike saying "Come, so I can scold you or punish you in some way." Anyway, thanks for lesson! Gotta give them that carrot at the end of the stick.

  2. Last year I saved a stray dog who was run over by a car. Knowing him for almost a year now, I have come to realize how overrated this species is. For instance: 100% opportunistic, cowardly, aggressive for no reason, dangerous around kids, not to mention the stench and the propensity to roll in raw shit. But honestly maybe I'd put up with all of that if only he'd come when called. If an animal won't come to the one who saved his life and provides food, shelter, security and lots of walks, too, then maybe he should be let to live his own way.

  3. Sorry but I had to stop watching after just 21 seconds. Twenty-One. Seconds. Yikes.
    You are difficult to look at because of your odd appearance and weird manner of speaking. I believe you're sincere and mean well but … how about less facial close-ups and less face time altogether.

  4. Why is this stupid comments section of this braindead, moronic video SO stuffed with bot-posted clickbait rubbish posts?
    Since when is Facebook the new centre of all things dog-training-related? Or of anything except more drivel, to be honest? Jeez.
    Oh yeah. Because this stupid video's comments are an excuse to scam idiots… whether they actually TRY his ludicrously stupid "techniques" (hope the dog bites him good next time!), or whether – as is the intention of this drivel – they go and click on the links and put some more pennies in Dodgy Dan's (or whoever else's) pocket…!! What a bad joke. YouTube should get rid of this kind of rot.

  5. You are soooo dim. How on Earth can you even BE so arrogant, at the same time? Maybe one's a function of the other?
    I've owned over 40 dogs as pets, usually 2-4 (at least) at a time; our family has bred dogs (small-scale, but still, there were 28 of them – well, until the disgusting expectations of humans demanding "good pedigrees" caused the birth of so many tragic little inbred canine mutations, either mercifully already dead or – worse – dying, that we stopped that horror). And we've fostered God knows how many dogs. The BEST way to learn dog psychology? QUIETLY OBSERVE a group of dogs (preferably many times) – LEARN how they communicate with EACH OTHER – and do likewise. There now. Was that so hard?
    The way to get dogs to do things is FAR more obvious – yet more laborious (no stupid lazy tricks, sorry!) than any of you "we're so much cleverer (and so much more important, too!) than those animals"-style idiots even consider. It's called: Know your dog; love your dog; expect it to BE a dog (not a crowd-pleaser, YOUR friend, or a demented inbred ball of hair which people call "a real pedigree" (I pity them – the poor deformed animals, not the fools who pay for that evil trade to continue); and, of course, treat it well – in DOG TERMS. It will truly love you (and that is far beyond mere human love; no, humans do NOT deserve the noble creatures!).
    It will ALSO see you as its pack leader (they're pack animals, not ornaments or things to use to impress your stupid mates, remember, dimwit?). And it will therefore WANT to do what you want. It'll take you about a year to earn the 100% trust of any dog; some take less time (if less bright), some take more time (if more bright; and of course ALL dogs vary in their levels of everything, from muscle strength to intellect! Sigh).
    Oh and: know that dog psychology is NOT either human psychology (dogs aren't vain, deceitful or selfish, for starters – they're just honest) – but nor is it what you patronising arses think is dog psychology (oh look! I can play stupid tricks on a creature which lets me do so – and I can use the simpleton's best friend – bribery and repetition! [you do realise the poor thing is probably just taking pity on you – or on itself, due to sheer boredom, yes?] – i.e. I, too, can be what amounts to a modern version of Pavlov! Wow! I am so original!). Pah.
    You people are all the same. None of you would understand a fellow-mammal, be it a dog or a whale, if it bit you. Maybe one will, one day. Hopefully a really, really big Dobermann, or perhaps an Orca, if you fall in the sea at some point. There's always hope!
    I've known dogs who can learn a command in under three repetitions; others may take 30. There IS no one-method-meets-all!

  6. Do you have any advice for a dog who isn't food motivated? We live in the mountains and my dogs main goal is to go find is friends (who roam) We have gotten a second dog as a companion and he still doesn't care to stay home. I've tried dozens of treats, and he has no interest! Thanks for your time, Also, forget all these haters. The most insecure people come out swinging on these comment threads!

  7. It's amazing that people think they they need to wait to mark the behavior until the dog sits in front of them. Thanks for demonstrating that the clicker/YES is so much more powerful if used to reinforce the turn back towards you!

  8. i hope this works my 9 month old puppy runs off and allmost got hit by a car like 100 times and once went on a freeway. it was so scary. when she was like 4 5 6 months she was fine she just stayed neer me now whenever i let her off leash she just doesnt hear me she just keeps running away.:l

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