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  1. I have a maltese/shih tzu and he never walks omg everytime i walk him i always have to pull him or else he'll just lay on the ground, sit or walk but he's walk is the kind of walk where you'll trip over and im desperate of help please anyone help!!!! He's only still a puppy too (3 months old) but i dont think thats the reason why he doesn't walk

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  3. Huskies are bred to pull, and generally are harder to train to heel than other dogs. However, you teach the same way, it just takes extra patience and persistence. Also, at that young an age, they're not quite done maturing. The more mature they are, the better they'll listen to you, as long as you're dominant and you've showed them how to behave up until then.

    Practice the technique shown in the video, and as with all training, praise good behaviour and scold bad behaviour.

  4. That first method isn't very useful if you don't have treats; if, for whatever reason, you don't have any, you're lost. You would have to start from scratch teaching your dog how to walk. I would recommend holding your dog's leash on the opposite hand than he's on, so that way he doesn't get a treat for something he's supposed to be doing otherwise.

  5. umm loose leash walking is bad, just have it short and have him to your side, also if he tries to walk away quickly jerk the leash to the side cause if hes walking in front of you he is being dominant, you want your dog to be submissive

  6. i tried that with my dog and she just gave up trying and starting pulling again.
    I hate seeing dogs 'glued' to the walker as i feel it's restricting their natural behaviour (i know they follow the pack leader but to me they don't seem to think they can do something such as sniff)
    I ended up using a headcollar and now she's on a loose lead but not glued to me which i love.
    Wonder how dizzy he got? lol

  7. Another alternative way to walk but the best way not to be dragged is actually leading the walk and not just give the dog a cookie just because he's on your side. He's not thinking you're the leader when he does that way, he's just expecting to get a cookie. Place the leash on top of the neck, right behind the ears, make him seat and start walking in front of him. If he try to overtake you, seat him again and try the process again. Whoever goes in front is the leader. That's how dogs think.

  8. @EvelineUK , yes thanks. Much better now. Stopped the treat idea because it was not working. If she pulled, I simply stopped so that she learnt pulling does not get her anywhere. Still pulls if we are near the dog park, but when it is just the two of us we are doing better. She is a little beagle and has to smell everything…..

  9. Tried that daily for a week, but it only works for a few minutes and then she runs ahead. So we stop, and then she sits. I call her to come to me, and we walk again, she looses interest in the treat, runs ahead and around we go. She does not get the point. How long does it take?

  10. watch the dog whisperer, treats and bribery can only get you so far. treats and food don't form a strong bond, trust or mental stability, therefore it's your job as the dogs leader to build the dog's confidence and show that you will protect it.

  11. I am happy that they are at least luring and not using a choke chain, prong collar, or shock collar. I say YES to Positive Reinforcement! My dogs are my best friends and agility partners and correction based training is just not as effective and research has shown that aversive training can cause long term damage to dogs physically. Glad to see more people using R+.

  12. You have to let him know that you are in charge and snap his attention back to you. Try watching Cesar Millan, he's amazing with dogs. I just finished reading one of his books and it helped me a lot!

  13. Exactly! The dog was calm, laying next to him on the ground! Our pugs book down the drive way as fast as they can and pull so hard on their leashes. I know exactly what you mean.

  14. I would like to see this technique with a dog that has problems walking well. My dog is nightmare and all the videos I see are with dogs that have been trained already, so they don't do a lot for me and my situation.

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