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    I have a Bassett with a big neck, smaller head and she has slipped the slip collars and every other collar and harness I have put on her.  right now I debating giving her away I cannot handle an animal that I cannot handle.

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    She's talking about using the martingale properly, but she doesn't even have it fitted properly. The two D rings should NEVER touch and you should have at least 3 fingers in between the two D rings at all times. I can see that it's an adjustable collar, so why not fit it properly? The dog isn't even responding correctly to the martingale and is pulling away and not paying attention because it's fitted improperly and rendered useless. Ugh.

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    I never knew that about slip collars! the P trick is a great way to remember how to use a slip lead.

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    Not a good collar to use. It's essentially a trachea pummeler

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    There's no reason to use a slip collar (aka choke chain). With clicker training you can quickly and easily teach a dog to walk on a loose leash and to heel. There are several videos that show you how.

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    THank you so so much! I missed my last training session and I need to be practicing with the slip collar, and I would have put it on incorrectly if not for this video! Thanks a lot! 

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    In our training class, most of the owners put the training collar on when it looks like the letter "p". Just like you advised in the video. But my husband and I walk our dog on our right side. So our trainer has us put the slip lead on him when it looks like the letter "q". Since the standard way is left side though most people should use "p".
    Nice video and very thorough instructions 🙂

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