How to train your dog to love his harness- dog training

This video is dedicated to all the little dogs in the world who run away from their owners when their owner takes out their harness. The same method of counter conditioning can also be used for dogs that don’t like their muzzle or dogs that don’t like the leash being attached to their collars.

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  1. Hi there. I've been doing this to my 6 month old puppy. She would target it when asked. She is still afraid of it… She actually growled at me when I was clipping the back. any advice?

  2. Love this, it is really well done, how do I get her to stop teething on her harness? We turn away she starts eating it so sneakily, I have resewn them if I can and right now we are going through 1 every 3-4 weeks, she is fine with the harness and collar and leashes, but those teeth get the best of her and me. She will also resort to pulling at times on the leash even after successfully walking nicely. She is only turned 5 months.

  3. you are such a amazing person for creating a video like this.

    you have made it easy for genral public to understand but dog trainers can see all the amazing information you are educating with.

    thank you for this video.

  4. So my dog has been wearing a harness for walks since he was 9-10 weeks old (he's a year and half now) and he never had a problem with it until like a month a go when we moved to a new apartment. now he hates getting his harness put on, running away and hiding whenever it's time to go outside. he still loves walking and going to the park. and he's fine once the harness is on. do you think this would work well to sort of real introduce the harness to him?

  5. my dog didnt want to go for walks with me when i showed his harnass i took the leash binded it to his neck and chocked him after doing this 2 times he walked with me near my side with no leash lool can you understand that

  6. This was great video, which works well if it's the first time introducing your dog to the harness. For dogs who are already terrified of the harness because of being frequently cornered and forced into it, I experimented and found play to work well in overcoming these fears. First, I tied the harness to a favorite tug toy. I used a flirt stick because my dog loves it the most and also because it's super long, allowing you to first tie the harness far up the toy, then closer and closer. This helped my dog learn that the harness flying towards his face means tug and play! Finally, I just looped the harness around the tug toy so that when he got ahold of the toy, the harness just slipped over his head.

  7. Oh hey! Have you considered – Carkerakita Hound Master (google it)? Ive heard some interesting things about it from my mate who got excellent training results with their puppy.

  8. Thank you for this. We moved from collar to harness because Charlie would almost choke himself to death. He hates his harness and it got so bad he would run and hide whenever he saw it. I tried offering him a treat when it was time to put it on, but by that point he'd seen it, hid and we'd had to drag him out from under the table so obviously we weren't getting anywhere like that. However, after just two five minute sessions today using your method to the tee, guess who not only puts his harness on no fuss but happily snuffles it looking for treats! Thank you again 🙂

  9. My beagle Amelia loves her harness she isn't comfortable with me touching her paws while holding the harness. The other day, after I watched this video, I got the idea. To use treats to distract her from looking at her paws when I touch them and now she even lets me put on her winter coat!! Thanks!

  10. I tried following this video when I first got an easy walk for my puppy, and while she did okay initially one day she just decided she had enough of the harness. I bought a different harness that isn't as restrictive and as soon as I even pick it up she barks and whines at it. Should I still follow this and just do each step for a longer period of time to the point where she will willingly put her head through?

  11. My problem is that I have a step in harness and I have to move his feet to get him in the harness. I've got to go back to a collar for now until he gets used to it =/

  12. Thank you for making this video, it is helping a lot! Me and my puppy have only just made it to the stage where I can rub the harness on her, but it tremendous progress :). She would run away from me when I would take her harness out and shake when I put it on, so allowing me to rub it on her is a great first step

  13. My dog isn't afraid to get anything put on, but refuses to move once he has a coat on, for example. he is a toy poodle that came from conformation environment and had so much hair for the first ten months of his life that he didn't wear anything. Now he has a shorter cut and we travel to lots of different dog sport events where it is cold and he needs to wear a coat. He simply sits and won't move once it's on. Suggestions?

  14. Interesting that point about dogs biting because of being sensitive about being touched. My collie was not at all cuddly when we first got her but now LOVES cuddles. She recently shook with fear when I got a tape measure out to measure her leg. I moved it away and got her slowly used to it with treats but it all goes to show how sensitive dogs are and how great it is to have somebody dedicated to studying them. Thanks for yet another great video.

  15. my dog was fine with the harness, he would sit, stay, lay down, but when we took him to obedience classes, he got out in 2 seconds even though we had a lead on both his collar and harness. he disrupted 5 classes. we have not been down there again. ._.

  16. Emily, I guess this particular training applies to just learning your dog to wear a coat/jumper as well? I got a 12 weeks old chihuahua and I've tried since the beginning to get him to appreciate the jumper but lately he's been using his front paws to push it away when I'm gonna put it on his head.

  17. Hi, My grandparents dog (who I help train) absolutely HATES her halti head collar. I have tried some similar methods to this and I can get the head collar fully on for a couple of seconds but she won't do it when I don't feed her treats constantly while she's wearing it, if I stop she will paw at it until it comes off I don't know what to do

  18. @EnglishSaint1 Poor pup 🙁 Try associating the harness with really fun things. For instance, right before you give him his daily meal, show him the harness. Or when you play with him. Or when you let him sit on your lap. After using all the tips here, and when he is more ready for the harness, you might want to have him wear it when he does those highly reinforcing activities, for instance, only when he eats his daily meal does he have his harness put on. Later he can wear it all day (not alone)

  19. Do you have any advice for a dog who is already really scared of the harness? Our 1 Year old hides when he thinks it is time for a walk because of the thought of having his harness on. Wish we had seen your videos 9 months ago lol. We have just subscribed to your channel, thank you for your videos they are really helpful and interesting.

  20. my roommates dog really dislikes his harness, although being excited about going for a walk, he would walk away from his owner when he would come closer with the harness. I am watching his dog this week and will definiteley try this! When he will learn this as fast as Tug did, he might step into it by choice before his owner returns 😉

  21. I just spent an hour searching the internet for videos on getting my dog to accept his harness. I shoulda known to just come here! I have been working on getting mine to let me put it on. That is going well. He tends to want to just lay down once he has it on and now I am working on luring him to move in it. Next step is to click on the leash and the final step is to have him walk with me. Thanks!

  22. I have to use food everytime with the harness! My dog isn't afraid of it, I think he embarrassed by it. He puts his head through his collar, but hides in his crate when I pull out his harness. I take it off at the dog park before his dog friends see him. He's easy 2 reharness for the trip home. I wonder if he thinks they're 4 girls? He's rather moody & particular about things. It really seems that way because he's no problem to harness going home from the park, but what an ordeal to get there!

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