Dog Training – Does Your Dog Sleep On The Bed?

Dog Training Video – Dog training advice for your dog sleeping on the bed. Don’t forget to rate this video, leave comments and subscribe to my channel.

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    I have a 1 year old maltapoo&since we brought her home she will NOT get in a bed made for a dog.At first I thought she'd out grow it,but nope.She looks at a dog bed like she has no clue what it's 4.I've had other dogs&they all had their own dog beds so this is really getting me down.She jumps in my bed each night (ignoring her own bed)& I'm up every single hour telling her 2 move or moving her.I get NO sleep! She's snaps at me! I get up at 5 everyday to go to work & I'm SO tired! Help!!!!

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    Old video but still good advice. I alternate my BC between sleeping in the crate at night and letting her share my bed. I like sharing my bed with the dog, but I want her to appreciate it as a privilege and feel comfortable in her crate when I want the bed to myself.

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    So glad to hear a trainer who doesn't make you feel like a loser for allowing animals on the bed. I do exactly what the video says (except i only allow on beds, not other furniture) & my Alaskan Malamute responds. My bed…my rules:) Thanks…great video!!!!!

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    i would put it in the crate for the night if its roomy enough so then it can't get out and chew up my furniture unsupervised.

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    There behaviours are not completely different at all, The inate things they do, territorial barking, digging, chewing etc, even down to what you said about sleeping higher (which proved my point by the way. That all the other pack members are not equal under the alpha) can still be seen with wolves. There are some things still hard wired in. dogs did come from wolves and other wild/feral dogs… humans did not come from chimps…but lets not get into religous debates.

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    actually, most pack members stay,, and higher ranking dogs will usually sleep at a higher level when given a choice. why do you think no trainer, conventional or otherwise will tell you to let your dog sleep in the bed. and although dogs are descended from wolves, their behaviours are completely different from thousands of years of evolution and breeding. your statement makes about as much sense as saying we all act like chimpanzees just because were so close genetically :-/

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    Wolf packs (dogs are descedants from wolves) the rest of the pack are not all equal under the alpha/s.Wolves in the pack move up and down in the "pecking order" or hierarchy.A wolf lower down in the pecking order may challenge an alpha wolf for pack leadership.If the alpha wolf loses this challenge,it will likely go off on its own, find another mate, and start a new pack. Wolves very low in the pecking order (that are constantly picked on by the other pack members) may also leave the pack.

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    eric, why dont you do what cesar does, hes pack leader and all dogs are equal under him. no dominance between them at all, then your old sheltie wont get picked on anymore! ^_^ imho, i combine cesar with clicker/conventional training, different things for different purposes.

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    Great Video 🙂 I use to let our dog sleep on the bed-but when it came time for my boyfriend to come to bed, our dog would growl and try to snap at him. ! It was really hard to do, but he's officially lost that privilege

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    The only times I let my Goldens on the bed or sofa is when I feel like them being there. Once I'm comfy or fall alseep they slowly sneak off as to not disturb me..
    My one Golden Retriever always does this it's like my boys are not comfortable sleeping on my bed : S? might you know why?

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    I definintely agree that the dog can sleep on the bed – if the situation is working out for both of you and there is no conflict involved.
    My springer sleeps on my bed, but every night when I'm going to go sleep I tell him to get off, which he does right away. He then waits by the bed until I'm done laying down and finding a comfy pose, then I tell him it's OK to jump up again (not something we practiced, just seemed to snap it up on his own – subconscious training I guess!)

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    My dogs are my friends, me amigos, but don't confuse dog behavior with human behavior. My dogs are allowed to go where they want as long as they don't challenge me.


    P.S. Thanks for the advice about the green screen and boom mike.

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    True that your pet is a companion but if you let your dog do whatever it wants then guess what? Youre not the leader and it wont respect you.

    Listen to the actual video all the way through pls.

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    WTF!! Your pet is a companion, a friend , an amigo you should allow him to be wherever he wants!

    PS get a green screen and a boom mic

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    What's wrong with a dog sleeping on your bed? I hope you don't have any pets.

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