How to train your dog not to pull- Loose Leash Walking

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In other words- walking on a loose leash.
This video quickly outlines exercises to get your dog walking on a loose leash by your side. Put very basically FIRST you will teach the dog what you want them to do! And secondly, stop reinforcing them when they pull!

I demonstrate the exercise using a clicker, but if you do not have one, you can always use a verbal marker like yes etc. However you will get much faster and reliable results by using the clicker. If you hold the clicker in the same hand as the leash, and keep the treats in the other hand, you will find it easier to manage. Practice holding the leash, clicker, and treats when you do not have the dog attached to the leash yet, so you dont become overwhelmed.

A great book on loose leash walking, or how to stop your dog from pulling is-

My Dog Pulls. What Do I Do? by Turid Rugaas

You can get this book on and other places too. Its very short and has lots of pictures.

I would advise against using any forms of positive punishment when teaching any behavior, but especially leash walking, as startling or hurting a dog actually increases their stress hormones in their body causing the dog to be more hyperactive and more likely to become aroused and reactive towards other dogs and people (weather they want to greet them or not).

DO NOT DROP THE LEASH! I showed myself dropping the leash on a street with no cars/danger and another person there. This would happen during an emergency, if you trip or fumble. In no way do I support people who walk with their dogs off leash, you never can tell if a car will backfire, or who knows what, an earthquake etc with frighten your dog, and cause it to run into traffic. If you don’t like holding a leash, simply tie it to your waist like I do with my dogs. However walking in a safe place where dogs are allowed off leash is perfectly acceptable 🙂



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    My dog is a hyper energetic dog hes a lab mix. when ever i walk out the door to walk him he starts barking and pulling my mom says give the leash and she pulls him back i dont think thats a good thing to do…ima try to teach my dog.


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    "Doggy Dan seem to have it all, he establishes a good rapport with both the dog and their owners[Go Here== ]. He uses the most simple and effective approach to training dogs. It's amazing. I really love the video trainings. And he always display a willingness to help at all times. Doggy Dan is very knowledgeable in this business and his trainings gets results.'

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    my dog is good on walks but only until she sees other dogs , what she does is she trys to run towards the other dog she does not bark at them or bite i know she wants to play with them , shes a cross between border collie and lab n obviously i pull her back as i want to try n teach her thats not acceptable ,any tips on how to stop this

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    Hi, I have 2 adult cats 1male 11yrs old , 1female 2yrs old and I just adopted an Pomeranian-terrier mix, female 4yrs old. My cats are trying to be friendly but my dog growls and barks and scares them away. How can I help them to be friends and how can discipline her? please help..

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    I hope don't use your own dogs to the show which teaching people for training cause your dogs already be trained.

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    My beagle walks perfectly on concrete roads but as soon as we are nearly any grass he just goes crazy and tries to follow all kinds of scent and pulls really hard… what do I do?

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    kikopup, my puppy just isnt that into treats. She loses interests even in boiled chicken after a minute of training or so, and it becomes really hard to get her attention. How can I deal with this? Can you plz help me.

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    Thank you for the help! I have a Service Dog In training and she pulls occasionally. I will attempt this once my clicker arrives.

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    I wished this helped with dogs that bite the leash and roll over then jump on you and rip your clothes

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    I got here from reading a web page "Is it harmful to attach a leash to your dog's neck?". The article praised the use of Harnesses and when I first got my dog, a GSD/Husky, I got a Freedom No Pull harness. He didn't like it but I kept trying until it was to much trouble to chase him around the house before going out. Later I wanted to try again and this time I purchased a Ruffwear Front Range harness. At first sight he almost put it on himself. But every time thereafter he became more and more reluctant until I had the same situation. A chase and a cornering in order to get it on. Now the $40 collar hangs on the rack unused. What to do in this situation?? Can I have him wear it 24 hours at a time?? Rarely take it off?? At present I am using a Martingale collar. –AND I am not happy.

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    you indicate to click while walking with loose leash. Does this occur anytime during the walk when the leash has slack, or only when you stop, with slack?

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    You've just brought your new puppy home. House training a puppy is an important first step in developing a well behaved dog. Find out more tips. just search google; "galid dog training"

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    So does she train slavering aggressive dogs as well? Or just tiny cute harmless ones.

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    I've been working on pulling with my dog since I got him at 8weeks. Had the smallest amount of improvement and he doesn't even walk next to me, its right beside me and infront of me by 2 feet. Going to try this from scratch I guess and try some more. Been almost 10 months now..

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    That was incredible, especially at the end when you dropped both leashes and both dogs remained beside you.. willingly 🙂

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    I have watched people get walked by their dogs for years.Here is a little help that will make you and your dog a lot happier.

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    I'm sorry because I'm saying this but I was reading one book about dogs and, dog thinks that you and him are a pack. Most of dogs doesn't want to be the leader of the pack, but if you let him go in front of you while you are walking he will think that you want him to be the leader if the pack. The dog will try to become leader but if he does becomes a leader he will loose his control and he will become agressive. (just saying)

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    I adore your videos Thank you! I do have a question if I may though as I've yet to find any videos or GOOD advice yet for my issue (I say good as I've been told to leash yank) My lil pup is 7 months old and she walks pretty well on a leash and we usually get about a mile in at least twice a day. She loves her walk as do I but her thing isn't so much pulling it's laying down… She's a small girl so I get that her legs may tire and want a bit of a break at times and I don't mind waiting for a bit to get some breaths in an admire the trees etc… But she seems to plant herself often. I think I may have inadvertently trained her to do this as when she does I would get her to look at me (with treat) get her to sit offer treat then say come on lets go at which point she'll usually pop up and start walking again… I've started trying to capture her good walking by praising her when she's walking great and offering a treat for great walking instead of her thinking she has to plop and then move to get a treat on the walk.

    So do you think this is a good remidy? and what advice do you have to encourage her to keep going if I stop luring her to continue?

    Also it's not burs or stickers or health issues that's making her stop walking. It's more like she's just really observant an enjoys siting down to look at the trail were on… Which I get it IS beautiful so I do the same thing myself but if there's a way that I could sync our pauses that would be awesome!

    Thank You So Much for All that you do and I hope you might be able to advise as I haven't found a healthy way to help nor videos in regards to plopping on walks…

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    The great thing about this method is that, true to its promise, it works – and very well. These training methods are firm, consistent, compassionate and effective. It gives everything to straight up with practical methods to train or re-train what we have messed up.

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    3:14 "The great thing about this technique is that you're not forcing your dogs to stay with you…."

    What!? You're "not forcing" anything? That's the entire point of using a leash….because it forces the dog to stay with you. That's why you stopped when the dog forged ahead, because you are forcing the dog to stay with you. That's why you turned when the dog forges, because you are forcing the dog to stay with you.

    There is NOTHING wrong with "forcing" your dog to do things, as it's a concept they understand and respect, because it's a concept they themselves use.

    Quit pretending you're not using "force", because you are.

    Thanks for the upload, regardless.

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    Loved your approach for teaching loose leash walking. Have unfortunately never taught my dogs but used a harness and the pull. Just started my 12 week old puppy yesterday with your method and he has GOT IT!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH.. Love what you do.

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    it helps to power walk.. and walk at their speed. you could be not going fast enough or acting as if you might not continue. Enjoy exploring together.

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    These tips are great! Your new video "New Leash Walking Trick" is the perfect follow-up to overcome the dog taking off after receiving a treat. … these techniques worked great for my husky mix. The only thing I would add is to avoid retractable leashes which are unsafe, especially in traffic, and unfortunately teach the dog to pull to move forward.

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