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    This could hurt the dog if they stop moving also they should get exercise by walks and exsperencing different environments and sociolinguistic with other dogs not stuck in a house being forced on a treadmill it cruel

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    Tried exactly how described. Worked perfect. 2 dogs and they are both now successfully exercising on the treadmill. Wish I would had watched this sooner before my old border collie became too weak in the hinds. He trips so easily would be unsafe for him at this point. But the other 2 are doing great Thank you!!!

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    I pretty much had to do what you did with the second dog and jump in front of mine to encourage her to come to me. I then realized this was much more difficult as she ran off after i had her going for a bit, I then put treats in my back pocket let her see where they were and this time when i was in front she ran with those as the carrot if you will, and she walked for quite a while doing this.. and i was able to stop it when i wanted after this. Definitely need to get some kinks out, move out from in front and eventually move away from the treats but i needed to see how they were started on the treadmill. Thanks for this video, it helped me alot just today in 20 minutes or so!!

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    When I put my dog on the treadmill on a leash and start it moving, she basically digs in her feet and chokes herself.

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    its just the thing is i dont know what type my dog is because i found him im guessing like malteese mix witch malti poo my dog look exact the same as yours so im wonderring what type is yours?

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    i have the same dog type as yours i looked for this type for a long time grey and white my dog looks the exact look as your dog which is amazing haha im just happy to see that i dont know why anyways have a great life!:)

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    Great video , If anyone else is discover the most effective hints for training their dog try banfan turbo dog trainer (should be on google have a look)? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my partner got cool results with it. 

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    Thank you!!!  I have an 80 lb Coonhound/Lab mix who doesn't get the exercise he needs.  I just bought a treadmill for personal use.  Thanks to you, I can start training him to use it daily as well.

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    Ok thanks, btw those doggies love you and trust you, no doubt about that 🙂

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    Thanks for the great tips – I've been trying to get my dachshund to use treadmill – I started her on the moving treadmill before I got her comfortable with it – hasn't worked –  now I'll go back a few steps & get her on n off of it by herself without it moving.

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    My Pit is still pretty wary of the sound of it, but I think a couple days and he will be okay. Thanks so much! It's way to cold to take him on walks ( he HATES getting his feet cold )and he needs exercise to keep him from destroying whatever he can chew. RIP my best shoes and several of my art canvasses. 

    Also, Pit Bulls aren't a "man" thing. They are a wonderful, smart, loyal and hardy breed of dog with huge floppy faces and big goofy smiles.

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    I would add that you should have enough room at the end if the dog goes flying off, and I hook my kill switch to their collar in case they jump off.

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