Stop pulling and “Yo-yoing”- clicker dog training

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This video goes over the long awaited answer to “How do I stop my dog acting like a yo-yo on a walk?”

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    I walk in circles like crazy so the dog won't pull. Also I walk zig zag across the street.
    My neighbors think I'm insane. hahahah

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    Thanks alot 4 ur tips but i have a problem…
    Indoor, my 1 year old chowchow is so well behaved and attached with me but outdoor he is so distracted.. he doesn't want treats, he never make eye contact with me willingly and he does't listen to anything i say..
    what i should do???

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    +Istrus Try training indoors first. Then slowly work your way up to environments where there are more distractions. Also try tiring the dog out a bit first with some nose work. For example lay out lots of treats on the ground that the dog can search for. If the dog has never done this before it's also a good idea to try it indoors first.

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    I recommend pausing the video and jotting down the notes she gives here on  post-it notes or scrap paper that you can stick on your wall- This really helped me to slow down, put her information into perspective and allowed me to ask myself if I was doing any of the steps she recommended(And in the proper order). Thank you, Emily- what a huge help! I hope you get a chance to release more youtube videos!! 🙂

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    Hi, Kikopup. How do you distinguish between a dog making eye contact with you and a dog just focusing on the treats? 

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    Hi how do I stop my pup zig zagging behind me when on a walk? He doesn't stay on one side

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    when I take my dog for a walk he often pull me because he want to stop and pee on some plant on the road.I think that's normal,he tries to mark the way or mark the smell.That's ok but he stop too many times and pull me.Any tip?

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    Hi. The environment is so darn interesting. My dog is a yoyo at about 3kmh-5kmh. That's normal walking speed for me. Time after time I stop walking, my dog trots "Around" behind to my left side. After a couple years trying to figure out just what I'm doing wrong, it was good to hear here some new things to try :). Hopefully I'll post again soon with an update on progress . Very much appreciate your good work, and the time and effort you put into making dog's (and owners/handlers) lives better.

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    AHH, I LOVE YOUR DOGS! Honestly, so darn cute. Q is a yo yo guy when he is excited to get somewhere, even with ALL of these tricks. Oh well, so was Mi but she eventually got it, so with enough perseverance he will too ; )

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    After all these years and after watching every single video of yours I still like to rewatch and still find your videos helpful! Thank you!

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    Excellent! I seem to be at this point with my female springer right now. I'll try the solutions listed here. I have been using your methods solidly for about a week now, after using similar clicker training, but without some of the foundation work. It's really helping. I still have a dog reactive dog, but we're working on it. Thanks for all your help!

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    This is a very helpful video Emily. I knew that the yo-yo effect was reinforcing to Lilly (my Siberian Husky) but I couldn't figure out why. I tried this method and she hated it – but it worked. Whenever we stopped, she whine and bark. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear she was telling me off in doggy language. She's a diva like that.

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    Excellent video(s) do you have any pit bulls / bull terriers / dogo argentinos you do this with? or just the generally submissive ones?

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    Hmmm… My dog is often yo-yoing on the walks… Sadly, I'm not sure if there's too much I can do about it because she's just come to Sweden from spain as a rescue dog, she's very stressed and the enviroment is very reiforcing for her. I'll try to click her for staying with me but she quickly loses interest and finds the enviroment more interesting… :/ Hm. I use cheese for treats… What do you think, is it worth having yoyo walks until she calms down? any tips?

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    we had a major breakthrough – we click every eye contact the dog offers us. This helped a lot. The dog knows that it's the best to walk besides the leg but if she goes ahead and notice that I'm behind her, she self-correct herself and wait until I catch up. The leash is always loose. I can now walk relaxed along the sidewalk and my arm doesn't feel like it's made out of gum 😉

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    @doggydogma I have a sniff signal named "check it out". ok i will try my "let's go" get rewarded by a "check it out". Maybe this helps that the dog pays more attention to me. The sniff-situation changes day by day. Some days the dog walks like the first number one top dog by my side and some days the world is made out of smells better than everything my dog ever sniffs 😉

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    @peterl0815 – I have a cocker spaniel – a natural born sniffer 🙂 I began to add a "go sniff" cue – by saying go sniff while my dog was sniffing. I would pair this with my movement cue "lets go". I reward the let's go with a go sniff – but I also will lets go randomly at things my dog is going to sniff, and encourage him to sniff at points that he may other wise ignore. This has helped my dog begin to pay more attention to me on a walk. Your dog is young so be realistic, but don't give up!

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    I wonder if the person that gave Tug up knows how awesome he is!

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    I forgot – my dog is a 6 month old puppy … I think sniffing is a very normal behavior and it's often one of my rewards for the dog

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    My dog is forgetting me while sniffing around and then the dog pulls.
    Then the dog hits the end of the leash and come back and then the sniff goes on. I often try to click into the sniffing while the leash is loose.
    What can i do to prevent hitting the end of the leash while my dog sniffs and diving into his own world? Any ideas? 🙂

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    Great vids! When i get a dog, im gonna watch everything youve made.

    one could probably use these tricks to train people too, dont you think?

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    hey emily 🙂 i love your tutorials, but i still have a problem with walking my dog. she has so much energie & is so curious about everything, that she often pulls or even barks, especially when we meet other dogs. i do train with her and at home we have no problem at all, but as soon as she's outside she pays no attention to me at all- it's like i'm invisible for her.
    so how do i manage to get my dogs attention? she's not really into petting and toys are only interesting for her at home.

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    I have a problem, my dog doesn't want price in the street, he is so afraid and don't pay attencion to me…what i have to do?

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    @chefcalderitas1 I bet I can answer that one for you 😉

    As with all dogs, Jack Russels can be started to be trained as soon as you get them! Just be sure to do it in short sessions especially as a puppy when they have a shorter attention span.

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    Awesome, this is my exact problem.
    Working on this currently with my golden-lab

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    This is more subtle than it looks, but I will give it a try. My lab is a total yo yo. Not to mention he KNOWS if I have treats in my hand and has eyes in the back of his head to see when I am restocking from the bait bag or my pocket.

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    for many years I did the "stop when he pulls and reward when he comes back" method. I ended up with a Lab who still went to the end of his leash, pulling, then would return to me for his reward, because in his mind it was all one behavior. He taught me a lot and sent me on my journey of understanding dog behavior. You do a great job, Emily, of showing people why dogs do what they do – thank you! I often send friends to your website to check out your videos.

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    Love this addition to your walking tutorials. It's all very informative and I love how all the dogs look at you when you stop 🙂

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    @pixiecozmica the bully is only a pup at 3 monthes jumping biteing attacking has been normal for all of my puppies ive had at that age they normally grow out of it if they are socialized properly

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