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  1. Someone help me i got a GSD and he gets aggressive when he see other dog and i cant open him all the time but i will open him soon when their is a door at the back so is that okay? for some time only?

  2. OMG my dogs were peeing all over the house and barked like mad every time I was leaving…even when I picked up my keys. We used the Doggie Dan training program and it changed our lives….He is the next dog Whisperer! Dan should be able to help you the most common and annoying pet issues and how to train or as in my case, retrains your dogs

  3. He's half right IMHO.  Don't reward the dog for barking.  But don't shout at it either.  Wait for it to stop barking — it will eventually — and THEN reward the dog for stopping.  That way the dog has made a choice and gotten reinforced for it.  Sometimes dogs bark to get attention, and shouting is exactly what they want to hear.  I'm also not impressed with him keeping his foot on the lead — isn't the dog well enough trained to stay with him on its own?

  4. I'd recommend an ultra sonic contraption/bark collar at that point.

    Your thinking is very "human". Dogs don't have on and off switches. What the man was speaking of in this video is the little things you do, reward the dog in barking in GENERAL. Dogs are very simple beings. Reward them for barking in this situation, they pick up on it. Scold them for barking in another situation, you confuse them. You ARE the pack leader and what you say goes. Lets' hope it's non confusing for the dog,I suppose

  5. im sorry but i would rather have my dog bark when he/she want out to go potty and or is someone breaks in. now the random barking i want to stop. and there r dogs out there that hate being ignored and will not stop barking til u show them that u see them u pet them to reasure that u r home and everything is okay. i do it and my dog stop barking right away. what i want is for them to stay quite while people r passing by with or with out there dogs.

  6. He's not kidding. I got my roommate's dog to stop barking at me when I come home, but his dog still barks at everyone else… and it's because they either ignore the barking, or cuddle and pet him to try and "calm him down."

  7. I want to bitchslap my roommate so bad. He hugs and pets his dog and kindly talks to him when he barks. No wonder this dog's barking has gotten worse since he moved here.

  8. how to train a dog to stop barking……..well according to this guy you tell it to shut the fuck up and hope for the best………yeah becuse thats gunna work

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