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    i have a new 6month old blue nose pitbull. hes kind of timind as if someone abused him. I want him not to bite people but i do want him to protect my home .. where do i start..?

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    There are many components to training a dog. One place I found which successfully combines these is the Bevs Booster Guide (check it out on google) without a doubt the most useful plan that I have ever heard of.look at the super info .

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    are there any hiw to videos for any of the obedience training that I can buy that can give me similar results?

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    It's an another great site for all great secret for train your dog. just search google; "galid dog training"

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    the only thing I want to teach my boy is to attack in command or is a threat is coming at us how do I know if he going to protect me I mean he's friendly with animals and ppl but he's showed me a couple time how do I know for sure next time he will pertect me I live in a gang infested neighbourhood walk my kids to school every day I wanna be sure how can I make that call

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    how do I teach my dog to stay that's very hard he sticks to me like glue

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    regardless of the breed or if you have one or more dogs. Training starts the day the pup was born and continues for life.

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    how do you get that level of control and obedience out of a dog? Where did you start? Could you do it with a 3 year old mix?

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    super helpful. thanks. The best lessons that I have looked at was at Brainy paws (searched google) Without a doubt the most easy dog training tips that I have ever tested.

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    Wow Very Impressive best Video training i have ever seen ?? working on My Pitt bull Obedience Training follow him on Instagram at @kilothepittbull

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    Love MR. K9!  He does an excellent job training owners to train their dogs!

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    do you guys do training to where the dog guards your body but doesn't leave your side? the dog's intensity is great though.

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    wow I like your work I need help also I have 5 pit bull I love to train very hard headed

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    Tragic!!! Those dogs are terrified!!! They are showing in each move that they are scared and afraid – the way they look, sit, their body is lower. This is horrible for the dog and such a relation with the animal is the worst thing in the world. Such ambition in people treatment is killing friendship with those great animals!!!

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