Being In The Room: Essential Life Lessons From Experiences With Celebrities And High Society

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How do you find your voice and learn from experiences where you feel like a fish out of water? Join Rob Giardinelli, a technology executive-turned-expert social chronicler as he navigates the world of million dollar high society galas and celebrity soirées. Covering the high-flying Texas social world for The Society Diaries magazine, he’s found himself thrust into situations he’d never imagined. Giardinelli learns to be comfortable in unfamiliar spaces, ultimately learning how to gain incredible insight around well-known, influential figures and chronicling their high-flying lifestyles in the process. Encountering remarkable personalities – including socialites, celebrities and corporate tycoons – Giardinelli learns from their unfiltered authenticity and distills those experiences into lessons for everyday life. As with many books featuring notable and successful people, pseudonyms have been used to these well-known personalities. Whether poignant, pragmatic or simply outrageous, each insight is gained by following the fundamental principle: the best lessons are learned by putting yourself in places you’d never expect. By being in the moment… by Being in the Room.

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