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    I really wish some day I can see a trainer demo'ing something – anything with a non-herding dog.  I.e; a hound like a large sight hound for instance.  That would certainly pique my interest and impress me far far more than anything.

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    We breed Yorkshire Terriers and just wanted to say just how important it is to train your dogs.

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    @4c00h But you did not try this kind of method.
    It works with any and all dgs, whatever breed or age.


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    Hey I don't regret any of these methods but I'm not training a dog like this I'm training a dogo argentino and it's not exactly a dog you can manipulate without a lot of experience, the most difficult dog I've had to train was my bull terrier who was deaf, on top of being stubborn already by nature

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    @4c00h You want to see that without any verbal or physical correction ?
    Take one of Susan's courses and you'll be able to do it yourself !
    That's what I did, and did not regret une second or one penny of it !!

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    This shows an already trained dog, it doesn't show how the dog got to learn all that through positive training, it's all fun and games once the dog has learnt a few tricks but where's the video that shows how you got him to that stage when he knew nothing? I want to see that without any verbal or physical correction.

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    Wow. Awesome! I have trouble training the enthusiasm. I would love to know how that's done. But Swagger looks amazing, I can't believe he is so big already!!

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