Teach your dog to pose for the camera on cue – dog training clicker

It is pretty easy to get your dog to look at a camera when you take the picture yourself, however, when you want to be in a picture with your dog, it can become a little tricky to get your dog to look at a distant camera person. If you plan on winning competitions of agility, obedience or canine freestyle, teaching your dog to look at a camera is an essential skill. Everyone loves taking pictures of their dogs, and also looking at pictures of their dogs. If you are good at reading dog body language and facial expressions, it’s easy to see how a dog is feeling by looking at the dogs picture. If you use intimidation to train your dog to have his picture taken (stay or else)- your dog will have a stressed look on his face in the picture. So the idea is, to get the dog to WANT to sit and have his picture taken, so that it is a fun experience for both the handler AND the dog, rather than JUST the handler getting a kick out of the picture taking session. 🙂

Respect the dog! Teach them what you want, and teach them to LOVE doing what you want!


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  1. This is the coolest video I've ever watched! Thank you for this! It's always super easy to get photos of my dog by himself, but I've yet to successfully take a photo of both of us together. I'll definitely be testing this out!

  2. thanks for the training tips. it's all good and nice. however, what happens if a dog is blind and deaf? i ask this because my Ozzie is and old man now…15 years and still going strong. however, age breaks everyone's body down…and as such, my poor guy is now blink and deaf 🙁

  3. the most amazing part of this vid for me is the dogs sitting quietly when the clicker is going off. i only have two dogs, but this is a problem for me. i would really, really love a video showing how you got this behaviour. much thanx.

  4. My puppy hates when I take pictures of her. It's better when I'm with her but when I tell her to stay and (I) leave, she runs away as soon as she notices the camera. Don't know why. She also turns away from my phone, when I try to take a picture of her 😀 

  5. I love Splash! I can just imagine Splash watching you training the other dog and thinking 'come on….just Look already! This is easy peasy!' 

  6. Hello! Have you looked at Cesario Bad Dog Buster (just google it) for dog obedience? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate had great results with it. 

  7. Great video thanks ,  what Video camera do you use to shoot your videos,  and do you shoot in HD ?  I ask because  they are all so clear when I watch them on my 32inch Samsung smart TV on the you tube app ?    Also what computer do you use to edit them ? And what program ?  does it take long to render each video ?

  8. Another fantastic training vid, great at so many levels. Thank you x I've been looking for some good ringcraft vids and have struggled, but I can see a lot of this being useful.

  9. +flickafiada my mo,occasionally takes her out for walks but usually she would just sit there unless I'm there. My mom never did anything bad to her and when I'm around, she's often on my mom's bed, by her bedside or just going back and forth from her room. But if I'm in school or something, my mom says that she'll just stay in her crate or go in my room looking for me snd then wait by the door until I return. But the issue is, she doesn't eat or drink anything until I return :/

  10. Damn Ive just done it again. Im the idiot who pressed the thumbs down twice 🙁 I LIKE this video coz its very helpful. How do I get rid of those thumbs down? I was trying to click onto the name of the channel so I can see the other videos!

  11. Awesome video! I'm a huge fan of yours :). Don't forget to make an upside down settle video! That looks like it could come in handy. Love love love! You're amazing!

  12. Such and amazing trainer and teacher 🙂 I love how all your dogs sit there while you train the other. I think your pack is growing each time i watch a video lol 🙂

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