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    I like that technique! Just a shame that the only way to train most dogs is by teasing them a bit. Nice video though

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    I've just got a 9 week old staff can sit sometimes lol and doesn't no how to bark yet

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    My German Shepherd never hardly barks I'm having trouble getting her to bark at all ?

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    Oh that comment is old. He did well since then, but thank you for your advice.
    Take care 🙂

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    She will continue to bark until she sees the task is complete. Eventually it was my facial expression she reacted to,So you may need to make a smile or something that means stop. Be creative. Dogs love to be trained and rewarded.

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    Train your dog to be calm at night. Or let it sleep in room with you in a cage. Best is to train it to use the cage with the door open and not coming out until you say.

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    It's all about finding a point in time that you can ge him to bark. But also training your dog to react to your suggestions first. So get him used to knowing when you want him to do something through conditioning.

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    Thank you, it should eventually come down to just facial expression without winking as they get to know it more.

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    i was just wondering if you can do this with a husky since they dont bark that much because i cant get mine to bark at all he whines but the only time he barks is when he is playing with other dogs

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    if i screw my screw nose up my dog snarles there illteligiant i tought mine to swear

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