Dog Training: Obedience commands and American Bulldog, Bubba

Bubba, 16 months Johnson American Bulldog following Obedience commands.
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  1. amazing dog. i just bought my american bulldog pup. hes 2 months now. and i wanna train him but dont know how. seems like its so hard. i kniw it takes time. but i dont know where or how to start. any advice?

  2. Why keep repeating stay?? Isn't saying sit the first time the whole point? I never waste my time with stays. Down is down, sit is sit period. The initial command IS to be done. Nothing more needed after that. Stay Is like begging "pretty please obey the initial command" lol. A nice looking dog. Good luck with him. Some people train pet style some working dog style. Enjoy him and enjoy training. Peace

  3. I had to watch this a few times! You're boy is very handsome! So smart! You have a wonderful bond with him! I love his color!!! Keep up the good work, showing what these dogs can do!

  4. Hey, before you consider buying a dog training course, take a look at Daryl Arktrom’s website, there you will find the right way to do things without shelling out $300 to a trainer

  5. Aww this is exactly like my dogs behavior but he doesn't need treats anymore to do it. He is also an American Bulldog Johnson but he is brindle and white but his face looks exactly like that. But yours is soooooo cute.

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