Muzzle Training- focusing on calmness – clicker dog training

If you make your own tutorials based on my videos please remember to give me credit for my ideas. Thanks! This video shows how you can condition calmness with the behavior of putting on and wearing a muzzle. This helps greatly when you have a fearful, shy or reactive dog who needs to wear a muzzle.


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  1. im sorry but… normally a dog that needs muzzle … you dont "Chin rest" them..
    and for exemple in a shelter where is very difficult "capturing calmness" this video is not usefull …
    but i love her videos and her channel !!!

  2. Can you give the link to get the muzzle? I'm looking for a better muzzle to offer clients. Thanks for the great video too, I'll be sharing it to folks in need! And thanks for all your great work!

  3. Please could you tell me if it really matters at what point the food is presented? I see you do a mix of classical conditioning when you feed *at the same time* as the muzzle is on and you also do some operant stuff – saying yes after the behaviour of being still as the strap is put on and feeding after. Could you clicker train the dog to push his/her head in – mark the behaviour and duration of that and then feed away from the muzzle so he/she has to go back to push his/her muzzle in again?

  4. Thank you Donna, I see 4 dogs a day for training and behaviour. Super getting the owners to do this if I get young puppies, but so difficult when dogs have been let off without a proper recall for months. I know it would work brilliantly, getting owners to do it is far harder. thank you, I am going to work it with a clients rescue GSD tomorrow.

  5. I am busy editing DVDS! I have a tight deadline! I am off to Israel and then America, so I won't be able to read posts on yt for the next few weeks most likely! Sorry!

  6. get a good shot of how cool I look, is great for me, but not for the dog, or especially the owner. The plan when I visit a client is ZERO reactivity after we meet. I DID however, get a shot of my crazy hunting dog Trisch before training and also my terrier going wild about a frog in the grass, because they were my own dogs, and I knew I could fix "letting them practice the behavior" but get what? I could see how DETRIMENTAL it was to the training process!!

  7. Splash my own dog was one of the hardest reactive dogs to train and now she is reliably friendly and safe around dogs and people. The thing is with this method of training, the dog looks "trained". I am uninterested in trying to impress people with "the difference" because showing a dog reacting, causes the dog to be more reactive in the future than NEVER showing the dog react. All animals can regress to a previous behavior, they have practiced. So having an animal react one more time to…

  8. I am making 2 DVDs at the moment, one on training hunting dogs and the other on reactive dogs. I cannot put that info into a youtube video, each step of the process and management has to be outlined carefully so no one screws up. Most of the dogs in my videos that are not my own dogs are dogs who were previously reactive or aggressive, some have bitten people in the past (because those are the most clients I get). cont… 

  9. PS:I am not talking about prevention,i am talking about dogs that already hate other dogs,cats or humans!How do you approach a dog that its intention is to bite you and hurt you?After you train that dog can you COMPLETELY trust it?(with strange dogs,cats,even kids!!) PLEASE make a video showing how you can use possitive training with such dogs!! Thank you!

  10. I really like possitive training and I'd like to watch a video where you "fix" dog aggressive dogs and human aggressive dogs using only possitive training!I can't seem to find any in your list of videos.I would like to know HOW you approach such dogs and how can you make a dog that for example hates cats or humans to love them and not wanting to hurt them!Can you make such a video?If you have a dog like that in training right now can you make a video of it? It would mean a lot! Thank you! 

  11. Kikopup,

    How about a video on riding the bicycle with your dog? My border collie likes to bite the wheels as they turn, and he constantly pulls away from the bike when he's not chasing the front wheel.

  12. I understand the problem is with the people walking the dog and not the dog himself. Also the only reason we started using a gentle leader in the first place is because with a regular leash and collar our dog started pulling and 'standing' on hind legs to greet people walking by. He still enjoys walks but I don't want problems to progress. I want a calm happy dog that isn't stressed by others on walks and doesn't pull. Thank you for your help in advance!

  13. Hi Kikopup,
    I started using a gentle leader with my dog and he does not pull when I am the only one walking him. However, due to our current work/living situation (to guarantee our akita/border collie is always walked twice a day) two other family members walk him. After they walk him he starts pulling with the gentle leader until I walk him again. The family members understand why and how to use the leader but somehow are encouraging pulling when I am not there. How can I fix this problem? 

  14. Hi Emily, the dog in my profile picture was the first dog to wear a Baskerville muzzle in general public (Company of Animals). Roger Mugford. Advised to use a Halti and a Flexi lead (doesn' t bear thinking about now does it scary).

  15. Nothing short of amazing! You have such great insight into the canine mind, and how to access it from the human mind. If every prospective dog owner were introduced to your videos, and trained accordingly, there would no longer be "incorrigible" dogs getting turned in to shelters. We have rehabbed 4 shelter dogs in the last 2 years–1 is now a well-behaved pet, 1 a Search & Rescue dog, and 2 are service dogs–all based on positive reinforcement. Thank you so much! Keep the videos coming!

  16. I love your videos! I honestly think that learning to train my dog with positive reinforcement has forced me to become a more patient individual with both dogs and people. Please keep posting!

  17. hello! i just wanted to say i love your videos! I was wondering when can i start training my puppy? My jack russell terrier is only 2 months old, is that too young?

  18. Thanks for these videos, they are helping. I have a rescue dog who has a serious calmness problem. We're working on it, but I'm not very skilled. Any help on training calmness is appreciated.

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