iPage dedicated server review, vs Hostgator and Liquidweb servers

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iPage dedicated server is now 20% off first month, and the price start from $149 a month only. This server come with cPanel control panel and cloud network configuration. There are 3 server packages available and the plan includes sufficient storage, bandwidth and memory.

In quick comparison, these servers are similar with what you are seeing at Fatcow hosting. There are both under EIG group right now and they are offering the identical server packages. This help to bring the hosting service price to the minimum and this explain why their are able to give discount price as well.

Before signup with iPage dedicated server, let’s compare it with Hostgator and Liquidweb server. The Hostgator dedicated server cost more and about $25 extra each month. There are four plans to choose from. For Liquidweb dedicated server, the server configuration are better and come with 4 cores processor and SSD primary drive that is obviously faster and it cost only $199 a month. This is worth your consideration. They have over 10 years in experience and lots of top brands are choosing to host their servers right here with Liquid web hosting.

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Hostgator review and demo at

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